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Mike Rifino and Dusana Podlucka Receive 2021 AERA Awards

Graduate Center Ph.D. student Michael (Mike) Rifino (Psychology) received the Graduate Student AERA 2021 Award for contributions to the field. The awards committee was particularly impressed with how his work makes contributions to scholarship, noting the following:

“Mike Rifino’s doctoral research breaks new ground in understanding of emotions and learning in education. His strong theoretical work eloquently connects CHAT scholarship with other literatures, especially feminist and critical scholarship on emotions.

His work proposes new ways of dealing with shame, isolation, and alienation in education and it promises to have strong implications for the promotion of equity and social justice in community college education and beyond. In addition, Rifino has made a strong contribution to the AERA SIG Cultural-Historical Research as the Communications Chair, and has a reputation of being an excellent teacher in the various campuses of The City University of New York.” 

Alumna DuŇ°ana Podlucka, an associate professor of psychology at LaGuardia Community College, won the AERA 2021 Early Career Award for contributions to the field. The awards committee was particularly impressed with the impact her work has on our understanding of dis/ability within the context of community colleges. Specifically, the committee noted the following:

“Dusana Podluck√°'s scholarship on teaching and learning processes and dis/ability studies weaves together activism, teaching and research to challenge persistent deficit ideologies and connect everyday and institutional forms of change. Her work in community colleges powerfully draws on intersectional, social and critical learning theories to challenge reductive notions of dis/ability and reimagine learning as a collective and transformative endeavor.” 

The work and contributions of both recepients will be honored during the 2021 AERA virtual annual meeting.

Submitted on: MAR 4, 2021

Category: Psychology