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Path to Degree

Path to Degree

We expect all students to complete their First Examination by the end of their second year. The students should be able to complete 45 credits and reach Level II at that time.
During the third year students should prepare for the Second Examination but certainly no later than the end of the fourth year. The students should be able to complete 60 credits and reach Level III/PhD Candidacy at the time of passing their Second Exam.
Research should be conducted throughout all years of the PhD studies; the defense should occur by the end of the Fifth year but no later than the end of the Sixth year.
Below is a sequence of course work that can assist in following the Path to Degree for the PhD in Psychology/Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology training area:

Year 1, Fall

Animal Behavior I
Statistics I
Teaching of Psychology 
Research Methods/Rotation

Year 1, Spring

Animal Behavior II
Statistics II
Independent Research/Rotation

Year 2, Fall

Elective I
Elective II
Independent Research (6 credits)

Year 2, Spring

Elective III
Independent Research (6 credits)
FIRST EXAM; advance to Level II

Year 3, Fall

Independent Research (9 credits)

Year 3, Spring

Independent Research (9 credits)
SECOND EXAM; advance to Level III/Candidacy

Year 4 Fall

Dissertation Research

Year 4 Spring

Dissertation Research

Year 5 Fall

Dissertation Research

Year 5 Spring

Dissertation Research