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Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology

Program of Study

Psychology doctoral general course requirements

  • PSYC 70500 - Stat Methods in Psychology I
  • PSYC 70600 - Stat Methods in Psychology II
  • PSYC 79900 - Sem & Pract on Teach of Psych
  • PSYC 77100 - Ethical/Legal Iss for Psychol

Core training area courses

  • PSYC 71600 - Animal Behavior I
  • PSYC 70600 - Animal Behavior II

Research rotations

  • PSYC 70300 - Dsgn Rsrch Anml Beh/Com Psy
  • PSYC 71610 - Field Studies in Animal Behav

Elective courses (3 required with at least two from different groups)

Group 1: Psychological Processes

  • PSYC 71700 - Neuropsychology of Perception (or other GC doctoral course on perception)
  • PSYC 73000 - Psychology of Learning (or other GC doctoral course on learning)
  • PSYC 75103 - Basic Psych Processes I
  • PSYC 81600 - Sem in Comparative Psychology

Group 2: Mechanisms of Behavior

  • PSYC 70804 - Behavioral Neuroscience (or GC other doctoral course on neuroscience)
  • ANY GC doctoral Biology course on genetics, cellular and molecular biology, and biochemistry
  • ANY GC doctoral course on developmental psychology or biology

Group 3: Behavior in context

  •  ANY GC graduate course on evolution, ecology, conservation, or human-animal interactions

Permission for elective courses taken outside this list, but within the scope of the topics (including at Consortial Institutions and CUNY Master's programs) must be approved by the Training Area Coordinator prior to taking the course.

Path to Degree

Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology Student Handbook