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Basic and Applied Social Psychology

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BASP TIMELINE for COURSE of STUDY and Milestone Requirements

  First Doc Second Doc Comprehensive Doctoral Activities Dissertation
BASP Required Courses & Model Curriculum
(Sample Course Sequence)

FALL YEAR ONE                                                             SPRING YEAR ONE                       
Social Psychology I1 (84600)                                             Elective core course2
Research Methods & Design (70310)                              Research Practicum (70330)
Stat Methods in Psych I (70500)                                      Stat Methods in Psych II (70600)
BASP Colloquium                                                                BASP Colloquium
FALL YEAR TWO                                                            SPRING YEAR TWO
Social Psychology II1 (84800)                                            Ethics (77100)4
Teaching of Psychology 4                                                    Elective-core course 2           
BASP Pro-seminar                                                                 Breadth elective 3
BASP Colloquium                                                                 BASP Colloquium
FALL YEAR THREE                                                        SPRING YEAR THREE
Elective-core course2                                                          General Elective 
Professional Development                                                             Indep Psych Research (80200)
Breadth elective 3                                                                   Advanced Statistics Elective
BASP Colloquium                                                                BASP Colloquium5  
FALL YEAR FOUR                                                          SPRING YEAR FOUR
Comprehensive Doctoral Activities                                  Comprehensive Doctoral Activities
Dissertation Proposal                                                         Dissertation work
FALL YEAR FIVE                                                             SPRING YEAR FIVE
Planning for post-do and job applications                      Post-doc and job applications
Dissertation work                                                                Complete and defend dissertation
Publication and conference presentations                      Publication submission
Social Psychology I and II can be taken in Year 1 or Year 2, depending on when offered.
2 One course in the listing of Elective-core courses within BASP training area
3 One Breadth-elective course (outside of BASP training area)
Teaching of Psychology and Ethics should be taken based on availability can be taken in Year 1 or Year 2, depending on when offered.
5 Students are required to take a total of 6 BASP colloquium credits. Although it is preferable that students fulfill these credits within the first three years, these credits can be taken at any point in their graduate training.

Comprehensive Doctoral Activities Milestone
To complete the requirements of the Comprehensive Doctoral Activities, students must engage successfully in a number of professional activities that are intimately associated with the creation, communication, and dissemination of scholarship in social psychology. Although this milestone is not a requirement of the Graduate Center Psychology doctoral program, all students will be required to complete the Comprehensive Doctoral Activities to complete the BASP program.
To successfully complete the comprehensive doctoral activities milestone, students are required to complete all of the following activities:
  1. Submit a first-authored manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal, and complete any necessary follow-up revise-&-resubmit procedures. The process of publishing the manuscript should allow students to develop skills of responding to editor and peer reviews (either directly via a revise & resubmit OR via a new submission to a different journal). The manuscript could be based on the student’s first-doc research project, an alternative project with her or his faculty advisor, or a project with a faculty member who is not the advisor (e.g., another BASP faculty member or non-CUNY or BASP faculty member). The peer-reviewed journal to which the article is submitted is subject to the approval of the student’s faculty advisor.
  1. Present a poster or paper at a relevant regional, national or international conference.  The student should be first author on the presentation.
  1. Attend two professional conferences.  One of the conferences must be SPSP, and the second conference must be hosted by a different organization.  Acceptable conferences include, but are not limited to SPSP, APA, SPSSI, ISPP, APS, AP-LS, SBM, SESP, and regional conferences such as EPA and MPA.