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Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Program Requirements

The following are the formal requirements for successful completion of the BASP doctoral program:
  1. Completion of 60 credits (including all required courses) with an overall average of B or better.
  2. Successful completion of the First-Doctoral Examination
o   Completion of research project proposal (MA Proposal)
o   Completion of research project and paper
o   Oral presentation of completed research project
  1. Successful completion of the Second-Doctoral Examination
    • Psychological Bulletin or Personality and Social Psychology (PSPR) style review paper OR a ready to submit NSF or NIMH grant proposal
  2. Successful completion of the Comprehensive Doctoral Assessment
o   Submission of a first-authored manuscript to peer-reviewed journal
o   Present a paper or poster at a regional, national or international conference
o   Attend two different conferences (hosted by a differing organizations)
  1. Successful completion of the Dissertation
o   Completion of the Dissertation proposal (Dissertation Proposal)
o   Completed Dissertation (full data collection and dissertation write-up)
o   Oral defense of completed Dissertation
 Course of Study & Course Requirements

The following represents a suggested timeline for course of study and course requirements for the BASP program. This timeline does not include additional requirements and responsibilities (e.g., teaching, research, or grant appointments). Of course students may move faster or slower through the program as they complete BASP requirements and the timeline is meant to be used as a framework for planning students program of study.

First Doc
Second Doc
Comprehensive Exam

Overview of Course Requirements. The course curriculum is designed to provide the basic education required to function as an academic or applied research psychologist, but allows flexibility to build a course of study and research that meets each individual student’s needs and interests. The BASP program requires completion of 60 credits and the program is designed to be completed in 4-6 years, but students who enter with a Master’s degree may be able to complete all of the requirements in less time. Students with 30 transfer credits must complete all requirements within 7 years of entering the program.
Students are required to complete 60 course credits. Of the 60 course credits, 45 credits come from required courses, 9 from core-electives, and 6 from breadth-elective courses.
Required Courses & Model Curriculum
(Sample Course Sequence)


FALL YEAR ONE                                     SPRING YEAR ONE

Social Psychology I1                                     Social Psychology II1

Research Design & Methods                        Directed Research

Statistics I                                                  Statistics II

BASP Colloquium (1 credit)                          BASP Colloquium (1 credit)

FALL YEAR TWO                                     SPRING YEAR TWO

Required Statistics Elective I2                         Ethics5

Elective-core course3                                    Elective-core course3

Breadth elective4                                          Breadth elective4

Teaching of Psychology5                                BASP Colloquium (1 credit)

BASP Colloquium (1 credit)

BASP Pro-seminar

FALL YEAR THREE                                  SPRING YEAR THREE

Elective-core course3                                     Directed Research

Professional Development                              Independent research

BASP Colloquium (1 credit)                             BASP Colloquium (1 credit)6

1  Social Psychology I and II can be taken in Year 1 or Year 2, depending on when offered.
2 The required statistics elective should be an advanced statistics course.   
3 One course in the listing of Elective-core courses within BASP training area (to be determined).
4 One Breadth-elective course (outside of BASP training area;to be determined).
5 Teaching of Psychology and Ethics can be taken in Year 1 or Year 2, depending on when offered.
6 Students are required to take a total of 6 BASP colloquium credits. Although it is preferable that students fulfill these credits within the first three years, these credits can be taken at any point in their graduate training.