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Student Body

Clinical Psychology @ City College Current Students and Those on Internship


Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds but share a passion for social justice, for clinical work, and for scholarship. Many of our students are drawn to the strong representation in the program of psychodynamic practice, theory, and research, but their interests are diverse and the training students receive reflects the full range of important viewpoints in our field.


First Year (2017 Cohort)


  • Rozita Alaluf
  • Tamzin Baker
  • Ben Bernstein
  • Michael Ferrara
  • Brian Neff
  • Molly Rappaport
  • Shannique Richards
  • Emma Routhier
  • Victoria Schilder
  • Lian Malki Schubert
  • Clair Siegman
  • Leila Talhouk
  • Rachel Tayler
  • Cherise White


Second Year (2016 Cohort)


  • Devika Duggal
  • Annie Egleson
  • Roberta Goldman
  • Kseniia Gvozdieva
  • Ramya Jayanthi
  • Eva Leighton
  • Ashley Rainford
  • Sam Selinger
  • Ilana Sichel
  • Julie Slotnick
  • Nat Sufrin
  • Michael Tate
  • Tema Watstein
  • Tecora Williams



Third Year (2015 Cohort)


  • Leo Cancelmo
  • Aura-Maria Morales
  • David M. Greenberg
  • Mariely Hernandez
  • Jenna Karlsberg
  • Antonia McMaster
  • Serena Tchania


Fourth Year (2014 Cohort)


  • Ravital LaBau
  • Yoni Berkowitz
  • Ashley Danies
  • Natalie Haziza
  • Benjamin Stark
  • Brad Thomas
  • Josh Weinstein
  • Ariel Westerman
  • Laurel Wright


Fifth Year (2013 Cohort)


  • Malika Bhowmik
  • Esther Lee
  • Naomi Dambreville
  • Noia Efrat
  • Gregory Gagnon
  • Esen Karan
  • Florence Lui
  • Michael Marcus
  • Michael Palumbo
  • Matthew Schneider



Sixth Year (2012 Cohort)


  • Jaleh Hamadani
  • Dan-Bi Lee
  • Ryan McGuinness


Seventh Year and Beyond


  • Kathleen Isaac
  • Sarah Kay
  • Felix Garcia
  • Kari Gray
  • Laurie Slodounik





Placement in Internship in Clinical Psychology 2017-2018


Kira Boesch (current 7th year)

Ricardo Corbetta (current 6th year)

Mirian Aviva Dreyer (current 7th year)

Loryn Hatch (current 6th year)

Jamie E. McGraw (current 8th year)

Nidhi Parashar (current 6th year)

Lillian Polanco (current 6th year)

Andrea Recarte (current 6th year)

Matt Southard (current 5th year)

Thachell Tanis (current 6th year)

Madeline Terry (current 7th year)

Lenox Hill Hospital

St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center

Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Alliance

Maimonides Medical Center

Bronx VA Medical Center

Lenox Hill Hospital

Albert Einstein College/Montefiore Medical Center

Woodhull Medical & Mental Health Center

VA Western New York Healthcare System

New York University/Bellevue Hospital Center

Columbia University Medical Center