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Clinical Psychology @ John Jay College

Clinical Practicum

The practicum training available in New York City is unusual, compared to many doctoral training programs in the country. Numerous placements are available to students in the tri-state area. The training directors of the majority of these placements are members of a longstanding and well-organized group that regularly meets with the Training Directors of practicum placements.

From this wide array of options, students select a small number of sites each year to which they will apply. Students complete general therapy/assessment placements first, before applying to specialized placements (e.g. forensic, neurological).

Sites are chosen collaboratively with the DCT and the Director of Practicum Training based upon the student’s level of progression through the program, and consistent with the student’s individualized training goals. There is a uniform timeline for applications, interviews, and acceptances. While on placement, students are supervised by the on-site supervisor. However, in order to ensure quality of sites and to provide our students with the best training experience possible, our students also receive supervision at John Jay from members of our clinical faculty. During their first practicum placement, students receive supervision with their cohort (approximately 5 students). In all subsequent years, students are supervised weekly by one of the core or associated clinical faculty with expertise related to their placement alone or with another student.

We have excellent relationships with a number of hospitals, college counseling centers, and community placements in New York City. Because of their training and reputation, our students consistently receive offers from these competitive sites each year. These include Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center (Assessment), Bellevue Hospital Center/New York University (Therapy & Assessment), and The New York Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University (Empirically Supported Therapy). In addition, our students have a wide range of forensic placements available to them that include sites that provide forensic services to children, adolescents and adults. Experiences available include assessment, treatment, and consultation with civil and criminal forensic populations and include sites such as the Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center, the Queens TASC Mental Health Diversion Program and the Bellevue Hospital's Forensic Unit, among others. Students wishing to pursue specialized neuropsychology training have a number of sites to choose from such as the New York University Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and the clinical neuropsychology service in the Neurology Department at Columbia University Medical Center.

New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, affording students the opportunity to work with an incredibly diverse population of clients. This diversity, and the extensive array of high quality training sites available to students, make this a rich training ground. We assist students to negotiate the range of choices for placement through individualized consultation with the DCT and the Director of Practicum Training, as well as the provision of secondary supervision throughout the duration of their training experiences.