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Clinical Psychology @ John Jay College Faculty

Core Faculty

Maureen Allwood
Child and Adolescent Trauma Including PTSD; Services for Minority, Refugee and Immigrant Youth

Cynthia Calkins
Sexual violence policy and prevention

Preeti Chauhan
Neighborhood risk factors and crime, victimization and substance use; Race/ethnic disparities; and Policing

Diana Falkenbach

Emily Haney-Caron  
Juvenile Justice; Adolescent Development; Forensic Assessment  

Elizabeth Jeglic
Suicidal Behavior; Treatment of Sex Offenders

Veronica E. Johnson
Evidence-Based Cultural Competence Training, Racism, Racial Identity, Racial Trauma        

Casey LaDuke
Forensic Assessment; Neuropsychology; Brain, Behavior, & Law; Criminal Behavior

Silvia Mazzula
Latinx Psychology; Bicultural efficacy and mental health; Race-based cultural experiences, stress and trauma; Racial and cultural competencies in psychology; Diverse academic and leadership pipeline development

Kevin Nadal
Microaggressions; racism; LGBTQ issues; intersectionalities; racial trauma; Asian American psychology; Filipino American psychology

Chitra Raghavan
Intimate partner violence, sexual assault, gender and cultural dynamics

Rebecca Weiss
Validity in forensic assessment; multicultural assessment; competency to stand trial evaluations

Evaluating the effect of culture and language on measures of feigning in bilingual and monolingual Spanish-speaking samples - See more at:

Cathy Spatz Widom
Longterm Consequence of Child Abuse and Neglect; Crime and Violence, Psychopathy and Sex Roles

Peggilee Wupperman
Psychotherapy development and evaluation, mindfulness, emotion regulation

Philip T. Yanos
Stigma and its impact on people with severe mental illness; the impact of housing and neighborhood factors on the community functioning of people with severe mental illness

Associated Faculty

Shuki Cohen
Computational Linguistics and the Psychology of Radicalization, Cognitive Rigidity and Terrorism; Implicit Prejudice

Mark R. Fondacaro
Juvenile Law, Law & Neuroscience, Criminal Responsibility, Procedural Justice, and Evidence-Based Reforms of the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

William H. Gottdiener
Psychotherapeutic Treatments for Severe Psychopathology; Underlying Psychological Processes Involved in Comorbid Substance Use Disorders and PTSD

Jillian Grose-Fifer
Developmental cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience of memory and decision making, neural correlates of psychopathy

Matthew B. Johnson
Mental Status Related Defenses; Family Court Consultation

Louis Schlesinger
Sexual Homicide; Extraordinary Crimes

Andrew A. Shiva
Psychological Assessment instruments and Quality Assurance research