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Behavior Analysis

Program of Study

Required Courses*

Behavior Analysis (All required):

• 73000 Learning
• 73007 Theories of Association
• 73200 Motivation and Reinforcement
• Three additional research courses in Learning Processes and Behavior Analysis (e.g., 73001, 73002, 73100, 73703; 73900)
• 83100 Scientific Inference in Writing

Biological Basis of Behavior (Minimum of one):

• 70804 Proseminar in Physiological Psychology
• 71000 Advanced Physiological Psychology 1
• 70820 Neurophysiology

Cognitive-Affective Basis (Minimum of one):

• 73000 Learning
• 73200 Motivation and Reinforcement
• 73007 Theories of Association
• 73703 Categorization and Concept formation
• 73800 Cognitive Psychology
• 71100 Neural bases of cognition, affect, and emotion

Social Basis:

• 74600 Social psychology

Individual Differences (Minimum of one):

• 72000 Developmental Psychology
• 72001 Developmental Disabilities 1
• 72002 Developmental Disabilities 2
• 72004 Behavior Analysis of Child Development


• 76000 Psychometrics


• 70000 History of Psychology

Research Design, Methodology, and Statistics:

70310 and two statistics courses are required. The minimum acceptable grade for these courses is B-.

• 70310 Research Design
• 70500 Statistical Methods 1
• 70600 Statistical Methods 2
• 78000 Quantitative Methods


• 77100 Ethical and Legal Issues for Psychologists (3 credits required)

Child Abuse:

• All students are required to attend a 2-hour New York State approved seminar on Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting, and to present proof of attendance to the program secretary by the end of the first semester in residence. A copy of the certificate of completion of the seminar becomes a permanent part of the student's record in his/her file Students should retain the original certificate for presentation in the “Ethics” course, and for future application for licensure in New York State.

Elective Courses

Elective courses are selected by the student in consultation with his or her mentor or committee. Selection of courses should be guided by the student's specialized interests. Consideration should also be given to available specialized tracks including Board Certified Behavior Analysis Examination, and New York State Licensure.

Practice of Psychology Requirement

All students in the Learning Processes and Behavior Analysis Subprogram must meet a two-semester Practice of Psychology Requirement by taking one of the following supervised practica and/or other options:

• 73004 Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis
• 70330 Research Practicum
• College level teaching
• Subprogram-sponsored internships in Applied Behavior Analysis

*Note: This curriculum is currently under revision.