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Clinical Psychology @ Queens College

Clinical Internship

All students must complete a one year, full-time clinical internship. The program participates in the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Matching Program (Subscriber Code=209) and all students must participate in the match.  Students are expected to apply to and match to a site that is accredited by the APA.  Students are encouraged to apply to internships with a specialty or rotation in clinical neuropsychology.

In order to be eligible toapply for internship and participate in the match, students must be at Level III during the semester in which they intend to apply, i.e., complete all coursework; successful defense of second doctoral exam; submission of dissertation topic proposal.  Students must also have passed the clinical competency exam (described above).  This exam may be held anytime in the year prior to internship application, but we expect that most students will schedule the exam during the spring semester prior to internship application.  In order to strengthen the application and facilitate the transition to professional life, it is strongly advised that a student’s dissertation be complete, or almost complete before the start of the internship year.

Applying for internship requires a significant time commitment as the top sites are competitive. There is a standard online application for internship is administered by APPIC and instructions for completing the application can be found on the website Briefly, students must complete a standard application documenting coursework, practicum hours, and testing experience. The application consists of two parts (1) the standardized application form, completed by the applicant (Part 1), and (2) the Academic Program's Verification of Internship Eligibility and Readiness Form, and completed by both the applicant and his/her Director of Clinical Training (DCT; Part 2).  Each year, during the summer, the current year application becomes available online; Internship application deadlines vary by site and typically range from November 1 to December 15 and applicants are encouraged to register for the Match by December 1st. Interviews are conducted during December and January, and rank order lists are due in early February.  Match day occurs at the end of February.  Students who do not match to an internship site can participate in the APPIC second round.  The DCT will hold an information session each year for interested students to review the policies and procedures for applying to internship the following semester.

In addition to the APPIC application, nearly all sites also require an official transcript from the student’s graduate program, three letters of recommendation, and sample (deidentified) reports.  Some sites request minor supplemental information or additional letters.  The decision process for making offers for internship obviously differs from site to site, but a recent survey conducted by APPIC indicates that over half of Internship Training Directors consider interviews, essays and letters of recommendations as among the most important indicators of internship selection. Only 40% of directors rated the total number of hours as “very important”, suggesting that after meeting the minimum standard, other factors become more important. 

In order for a statement as to the successful completion of an internship to appear on the official CUNY transcript, and also for the purpose of licensing, an official letter from the internship site, attesting to successful completion of the internship training, must be sent to the DCT.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure that this documentation is provided to the Program.