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Cognition, Language, and Development

Students and faculty in the Cognition, Language, and Development (CLD) training area perform research to understand the mechanisms and basic processes responsible for knowledge in a range of domains and populations, including animals and atypical groups as well as human adults and children. We work on perception, memory, attention, creativity, learning, decision-making, language acquisition, and language processing, in adults and in children. We use a variety of methods – including, among others, observations, behavioral and neuroscience experiments, and computational modeling – to answer fundamental questions about the inner workings of the mind, the acquisition and development of knowledge, the forms of mental representations, underlying brain mechanisms, and the use of knowledge in a range of areas. Training in CLD prepares students for careers in academia (research and teaching), as well as in health, education, business, and industrial settings.

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Matthew Crump

Acting Training Area Coordinator
Assistant Professor

Brooklyn College   

Phone: (718) 951-5000