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Critical Social/Personality Psychology

Program of Study

[Note: Starting September 2012, Critical Social/Personality Psychology and Environmental Psychology] share curriculum planning and courses. This listing is meant to give prospective students an idea of the course work available and will undergo change.]

Year I

  • Two semesters of Historic and Critical Foundations of Social/Personality and Environmental Psychology*
  • Two semesters of statistics, including Critical Statistics*
  • One semester of Research Epistemology, Ethics, and Research Design*
  • One semester of Qualitative and Mixed Methods*
  • Brown Bag*
  • History Research Lab*
  • First Doctoral Examination*

Year II

  • Second Year Research Project*
  • Environmental Social Science III: Social and Cultural Theories*
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods*
  • Advanced Qualitative Methods*
  • Interdisciplinary Environmental Social Science **
  • Brown Bag*
  • The Teaching of Psychology
  • Electives

Note: Students may pursue a Masters in Public Health; Certificate in Africana Studies or Women’s Studies; or pursue courses in CLAGS (Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies)

Sampling of Electives within and beyond Psychology:

  • Occupying Home
  • Social (In)justice
  • Sustainability
  • Liberation Psychology
  • Group Relations: A Racial and Cultural FocusSexuality Theory
  • Ethnography
  • The Ethnography of Space and Place
  • Space Wars
  • Critical Methods
  • Modules in Interview, Participatory Action Research, Participant Observation, Visual Methods,  
  • Mapping
  • Youth Marginalization
  • Discourse Theory
  • Visual Methods
  • Critical Mapping
  • Doing Narrative Analysis
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Supportive Settings and Restorative Environments
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Corporations and Health


  • Complete Second Year Project
  • Electives
  • Second Doctoral Examination
  • Dissertation Proposal

[*required; **required only for students specializing in environmental psychology]