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Developmental Psychology

The Developmental Psychology (DP) program at the CUNY Graduate Center is dedicated to offering a rigorous doctoral education to our students, while creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion, belonging, and equity. Of particular importance to the DP program is our capacity to recruit and retain diverse students and faculty, in line with the overall CUNY mission to be a vehicle for upward social mobility. Please note that while the Graduate Center still requires that applicants take the GREs and submit scores, in our view, these scores are limited in terms of their predictive value pertaining to success in Ph.D. programs and beyond. In light of this, our admissions policy is guided by a holistic review, also known as a comprehensive review, which considers a broad range of characteristics. This approach puts emphasis on broad indications of students’ potential for success in our program based on a range of criteria which includes academic performance to date, life experiences within and outside of school, persistence in and commitment to educational success, overcoming obstacles, indices of leadership, evidence of dedication, research experience, potential for contributing to research, and a match with our faculty’s research and expertise.

More About Developmental Psychology

Anna Stetsenko

Training Area Head
Developmental Psychology

Yana Kuchirko

Chair of Admissions
Developmental Psychology