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Environmental Psychology

Environmental Psychology was founded on three central ideas at the start of the 1970s: 1) the incorporation of the physical environment into psychology – related to emerging recognition of environmental crisis—from ‘silent spring’ to urban decay; 2) the adoption of field research that would operate outside of the laboratory, the received mode in psychology, where variables can be controlled and manipulated, to embrace the messy world of the everyday complex variables of people-environment relationships; 3) interdisciplinarity as the means to include the many necessary perspectives for understanding the interactions of people and place, while embracing the policy and design disciplines that shape our environments. We seek applicants who bring the gifts of various forms of diversity to our program: intellectual, transnational, racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, linguistic, economic, experiential, immigration status and (dis)ability.

Brett Stoudt

Training Area Head and Associate Professor
Graduate Center
Room 6203.17

Phone 212-817-8724