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Environmental Psychology Faculty

Core Faculty

Chapin, David
Video in Field Research; Design as a Mediator of People's Interaction with Place
Checker, Melissa
Environmental justice, urban sustainability in the United States, the social justice implications of the green economy and social movements
Feigenberg, Alan
Using the Urban Environment as a Source for an Integrated and Constructivist Pedagogy
Fine, Michelle
Participatory Action Research and Studies of Social Injustice and Resistance; Urban Education
Freudenberg, Nicholas
Social Influences on Health, Health Policy; Incarceration and Health, Social Movements and Health
Hart, Roger
Children's Development and the Quality of the Physical Environment; The Participatory Development of Communities
Hum, Tarry
Urban Planning; Immigration; Culture and Community
Katz, Cindi
Social Reproduction and Everyday Life; Security and the Environment
Kornblum, William
Urban and Community Studies
Low, Setha
Anthropology of space and place; Ethnography and Qualitative Methodology
Maskovsky, Jeff
Urban poverty, grassroots activism and political economic change in the United States.
Menser , Michael
Participatory democracy and ecological sustainability
Opotow, Susan
Psychology of Conflict and Injustice; Aggression, Violence and Hate
Ramasubramanian, Laxmi
Architecture & Planning; Children Youth & the City; Partipatory/ Advocacy Planning; GIS
Saegert, Susan
Stress and inner city families; comprehensive community development neighborhoods and communities; Home Ownership Relating to Social Capital and Neighborhood Quality; Density and Environmental Stress
Seley, John
Urban Geography, Urban Planning, Public Policy; Emergency Response; Nonprofits
Stoudt, Brett
Privilege; oppression; participatory action research; critical theories

Affiliated Faculty

Gilmore, Ruth Wilson
Race and gender, labor and social movements, uneven development, politics and culture, California, North America, the African Diaspora
Luttrell, Wendy
Childhood/ Youth Studies; Visual Ethnography; Gender; Race; Class and Sexuality Studies; Equality/ Social Justice Studies
Ramos-Zayas, Ana
Su, Celina
Public Policy; Participatory Community Development

[Note: Environmental Psychology and Critical Social/Personality Psychology faculties work together on teaching, course planning, and related curricular activities]