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Environmental Psychology

Mission Statement/Training Philosophy

Our research and pedagogy have evolved in important and distinctive ways since the Environmental Psychology program was established. Bringing together the knowledge we were gaining about the intertwining of social and environmental problems we developed a wide repertoire of quantitative and qualitative methods and a distinctive commitment to participatory action research. Critical visual methods and mapping became core to our endeavors. We emphasize critical and contextually grounded theory at both the psychological and social level.

Similar developments in critical social/personality psychology have recently led us to find ways to collaborate deeply as we move into a greater sharing of courses, colloquia, and other programmatic activities. At the same time, we also share commitments to fully embracing the spatiality and materiality of social and psychological life with the program in human geography at the Graduate Center. Our work extends beyond the walls of academia. We work in partnership with community based, national and international organizations concerned with the developing a more just and socially and materially sustainable world. Together we form a vibrant community of social inquiry aimed at furthering useful knowledge, an inclusive democratic society, and a more sustainable environment.