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Industrial/Organizational Psychology Faculty

Cohen-Charash, Yochi
Emotions, Justice; Personality and Work Attitudes
Eatough, Erin
Occupational Health, Occupational Stress, Employee Well-being, Deviance at Work
Goldstein, Harold W.
Assessment/ Testing and Racial Differences; Leadership and Managerial Development
Lefkowitz, Joel
Industrial and Organizational Psychology; Professional Ethics and Values
Lyness, Karen
Women in leadership positions; Careers; Work-life issues; Cross-cultural; Gender and Diversity issues in the workplace
Naidoo, Loren
Leadership, Motivation, Emotions, Engagement, Burnout, Organizational Surveys, Performance Appraisal, Attitude Measurement
Park, Jaihyun
Social Cognition (Stereotyping and Prejudice, Emotion and Cognition; Psychology and Law (Jury Decision Making)
Rothstein, Hannah
Research Synthesis; Employee Selection
Saari, Lise
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Scherbaum, Charles
Assessment/ Testing and Racial Differences; Employee Selection Quantitative Methods/Psychometric
Silzer, Robert
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Sommer, Kristin
Interpersonal rejection, social influence