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Path to Degree

Industrial Oganizational Psychology

Path to Degree

First Year:           

3 courses/term, Fall & Spring:  18 credits completed.
Fall:  Intro to Org Psych, Stat I, Research Methods
Spring:  Stat II,  Independent Reading course with Thesis advisor, Staffing or content course, & Teaching Practicum at GC for 0 credits
Second Year:        

3 courses/term, Fall & Spring: 36 total credits completed.
Fall: Includes Independent Research course with Thesis advisor
Spring:  Presentation of thesis research idea/proposal at Brown Bag.
Third Year:          

3 courses/term, Fall & Spring: 54 total credits completed.
Fall: Successful oral defense of approved thesis proposal no later than Sept. 30.  (This is the First Examination.)  Student thus qualifies for Level II status for Spring term.
Spring: Successful oral defense of completed Thesis project by May 31. Study for Comprehensive exam in the summer.
Fourth Year:        

2 remaining courses:  60 total credits (all coursework) completed.
Fall:  Comprehensive exam (i.e., Second Doctoral Examination) taken.  Advancement to Candidacy, Level III status, and begin dissertation.
Fifth/Sixth Year: 

Complete dissertation. Graduation.
Part-time applied fieldwork experience (optional).