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Harriet Goodman

Executive Officer, Associate Professor
Hunter College, School of Social Work
Room 604

Phone 212-396-7559

Janille Bagcal

Assistant Program Officer
Hunter College
Room 6A

Phone 212-396-7615

Mimi Abramovitz
Areas of Expertise: History of US Welfare State; the impact of neoliberalism on the US Welfare State; contemporary social welfare policy issues; low income women's activism; class, race, gender, and social welfare policy

Martha Bragin
Areas of Expertise: Psychosocial interventions that support resilience in communities affected by conflict; disaster and adversity; building locality based social work capacity in countries in crisis; participatory research methods; developmentally and culturally informed interventions

Stephen Burghardt
Areas of Expertise: Community organizing for the 21st century; transformative models of agency leadership; child welfare: improving front line practice/issues of racial disparity and disproportionality; ending the macro-micro practice divide through mindful practice; cultural competency & cultural humility

Mary M. Cavanaugh
Areas of Expertise: Intimate partner violence; prevention for males at risk of violence; domestic violence prevention and interventions; batterers intervention; mental health

Diane DePanfilis
Areas of Expertise: Social work intervention research; child maltreatment prevention; implementation science; child welfare policies, programs, and practice

Sarah-Jane Dodd
Areas of Expertise: Social work ethics; social welfare policy; LGBT policy and practice issues; practice-based research and program evaluation

Irwin Epstein
Areas of Expertise: Practice-research integration and research utilization

Michael Fabricant
Areas of Expertise: Housing and homelessness; the political economy and culture of non-profits; juvenile delinquency; urban public education; community and labor organizing; qualitative research

Daniel Gardner
Areas of Expertise: Social gerontology; palliative and end-of-life care; psychosocial oncology; family healthcare decision-making; health and mental health policy

Nancy Giunta
Areas of Expertise: Aging/Gerontology: Health & long-term care policy; home and community-based services; aging-friendly communities; caregiver support; Macro social work practice: Inter-agency collaboration; community organizing; community-based participatory research

Manny J. Gonzalez
Areas of Expertise: Mental health/mental illness; application of developmental and psychodynamic theories to contemporary clinical practice; health and psychological well-being of Hispanics in the United States; impact of parental mental illness on children; relational and psychodynamic psychotherapy in urban contexts; developmental and psychodynamic dimensions of fatherhood and fathering

Harriet Goodman
Areas of Expertise: Distance education; children welfare; pedagogy of research; qualitative research methods; evidence based practice

Bernadette Hadden
Areas of Expertise: HIV and AIDS prevention interventions among persons of color; program evaluation of non-profit organizations; providing training to community-based organizations in HIV prevention

Colleen Henry
Areas of Expertise: Child welfare practice and policy; child well-being; child exposure to domestic violence; welfare state theory

Daniel Herman
Areas of Expertise: Mental health services research; intervention research; severe mental illness; homelessness

Alexis Kuerbis
Areas of Expertise: Substance use and misuse; brief interventions for problem drinkers; mechanisms of behavior change within addictive behaviors; substance use and aging; substance use and LGBT populations; working with populations mandated to treatment; ecological momentary assessment

Paul Kurzman
Areas of Expertise: Management of public and non-profit organizations; occupational social work policy and practice; ethical and risk-management issues in professional practice; employee assistance program effectiveness; impact of licensing on social workers and social agencies

Rufina Lee
Areas of Expertise: Serious mental illness; psychiatric epidemiology

Vicki Lens
Areas of Expertise: Socio-legal studies; social justice and fairness in the courts; lived experience of race, class and gender in the legal system, inequality and anti-oppression studies; ethnographic and qualitative research methods

Michael A. Lewis
Areas of Expertise: Quantitative methods; social policy; civic engagement

Gerald P. Mallon
Areas of Expertise: Child welfare; lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans children, youth, & family issues; animal assisted therapy

James Mandiberg
Areas of Expertise: Leadership and management of mission-based and civil society organizations; social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation; social sector planning and development; community and economic development; social movement studies

Carmen Morano
Areas of Expertise: Familial caregiving stress and burden; developing and implementing evidence based interventions in community-based settings; mental health of older adults; care transitions from acute medical settings to community based care

Juan Peña
Areas of Expertise: Suicidal behavior; adolescent mental health; Latino mental health; and cultural globalization.

Jonathan Prince
Areas of Expertise: Mental health; substance abuse

Andrea Savage
Areas of Expertise: Program evaluation and practice based research; organizational management/management theory; substance abuse treatment and organization; service delivery to women with co-occurring disorders and trauma

Willie Tolliver
Areas of Expertise: Transformative leadership and spiritual well-being for groups and individuals; personal awakening and personal mastery as the keys to organizational transformation, whether in public schools, corporate board rooms, or other organizations committed to long term excellence

Deborah L. Tolman
Areas of Expertise: Adolescent development; gender development; sexuality in adolescence; women's sexuality; female adolescent depression and self-esteem; and embodiment.

Roderick Watts
Areas of Expertise: Youth civic and socio-political development; men and masculinity; African-center.