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Path to Degree

Year One Year Two Year Three Years Four and Five
Academic Program
First Semester Core Curriculum
Research Methods, Basic Statistics, Social Policy I
Second Semester Core Curriculum
Quantitative Research Methods, Advanced Statistics, Basic Organizational Theory
Completion of First Examination
Academic Program
First Semester Core Curriculum
Qualitative Research Methods, Social Policy II, Elective course
Second Semester
Required theory elective, Two elective courses
Academic Program
First Semester
Dissertation Seminar,
Two electives
Second Semester
Dissertation Seminar, One elective
Second Examination
Academic Program
Dissertation Proposal and Defense
Dissertation Project and Defense
Completion of doctoral program by end of tenth semester or five years
Students are assigned an advisor based on intersecting interests;  students discuss electives for Year Two with advisor
The First Examination requires completion of core curriculum by the fourth semester
Students must take two of their electives outside of the Ph.D. Program in Social Welfare
Elective course selection should consider how the content will support the student’s dissertation research
Students may submit their Second Examination upon completion of all course work
Upon passing the Second Examination, students move to Level III
Students form dissertation committee
Committee must include three members of the Social Welfare faculty; a fourth outside member may serve with EO approval
IRB approval before any data collection
Follow GC and Program guidelines for dissertation deposit
CV Preparation
Professional presence on the Internet; continue updating online materials throughout tenure in the Program
Exploration of academic and non-academic employment opportunities
Explore teaching opportunities; identify scholars in field of study
Attend professional conference
Submit a proposal for juried presentation at professional conference; practice presentation skills
Teach a course; engage in curriculum development
Edit academic papers for publication or grant proposals
Conduct feasibility or pilot study
Two publications in peer review journals by the end of Year Three
Explore academic and non-academic employment opportunities
Establish relationships with scholars in field of study
Update electronic and paper copies of CV and portfolio of work
Identify academic and non-academic employment opportunities; apply for employment
Three publications in peer review journals by end of Year Four
Prepare and submit applications for dissertation and other awards