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Fall 2015

Natascia Boeri was awarded an AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship for 2015-2016.  Natascia is working on her dissertation, “ Bringing Labor Home: Organizing Home-based Workers in India” with Hester Eisenstein (chair), Sujatha Fernandes, and Rupal Oza on her committee.

Kannaki Bharali received a Pre-dissertation summer award.

Bronwyn Dobchuck-Land received and American Studies Archival research award for the summer. 

Emily Campbell, Maggie Fay, Eric Ketcham, Abigail Kolker and Siqi Tu all won the Fall 2015 ARC Research Praxis grant

Brenden Beck co-wrote a short op-ed on a new NYPD initiative for City Limits:
Collaborative policing (fka community policing) "might sound like a welcome change to an arrest-based approach, but history shows that community policing funding is often rerouted to more repressive tactics, and even when implemented, the approach asks police to do work for which they are ill-prepared."
The op-ed has since been republished by a AM New York, a wider-circulation newspaper
Katherine Cross was quoted in a Guardian article this week:
She also presented in  "The Conference," a conference about technology, culture, and the future, in Sweden.
It was also written up in the UK edition of Wired, a major technology magazine:
This also led to this interview in Le Monde (in French) on a similar subject:
Katherine Cross’s recently published peer-reviewed paper in Loading: The Journal of the Canadian Games Studies Association, "Ethics For Cyborgs: On Real Harassment in an 'Unreal' Place.":
And here's Cross’s academic commentary on the open source gaming scholarship website First Person Scholar, "'We Will Force Gaming to be Free': On GamerGate and the Licence to Inflict Suffering."

Abby Kolker has just published an Op-ed in +972 Magazine, called "Privatizing Israel's migrant care puts profits before people".[]]

Simone Kolysh entry titled "Transgender movements, in the United States" was accepted for publication in The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Spring 2015

Jacob Lederman’s article in City & Community has been highlighted in the recent ASA’s e-mail blast.

Sociology had a record 11 students win the dissertation fellowships:

  • Ho, Szu-Ying-   Flexicurity and Its Discontents: The Effects of Flexicurity on Gender Equality, Chair: Janet Gornick
  • Sloan, Jennifer -   How Do Dreamers Succeed? Educational Trajectories of Undocumented College Students, Chair:  Richard Alba
  • Maurer, Erin   Where Have All the Feminists Gone?  A Mixed-Methods Study of College Students' Attitudes Toward Gender Equality, Chair:  Barbara Katz Rothman
  • Tzou, Alice    Sewing Jackets Sowing Lives, Chair:  Paul Attewell
  • Dobchuk-Land, Bronwyn  Good Intentions, Bad Results? The Settler Colonial Dynamics of Crime Prevention Policy in a Western Canadian Province, Chair:  Lucia Trimbur
  • Howard, Daron  The Chess Hustlers, Chair: Philip Kasinitz
  • Michaels, Erin  Schooling, Youth, and Political Incorporation in High-Immigration Suburbia, Chair:   Carolina Bank Munoz
  • Scannell, Raymond,     Bodies Encoded: Embodiment, Incarceration, and Political Economy After the Quantification of Everything, Chair:  Patricia Clough
  • Xu, Fang          China Dream¿ or Local Language in Cosmopolitan Shanghai: State Policies and Place-bound Identity,  Chair: Sharon Zukin
  • Gambol , Brenda    Growing Up Filipino American: How Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity Shape the Educational Trajectories and Occupational Aspirations of Second-Generation Middle-Class Filipino Americans, Chair: Nancy Foner

Abby Kolker has just published an op-ed article in the Jerusalem Post on migrant worker policy in Israel. She is currently in Israel as an NIF/SHATIL fellow, doing research on migrant domestic workers in Tel Aviv and working at Kav LaOved (Worker's Hotline), a non-profit organization aimed a protecting the rights of Israel's most disadvantaged workers through individual assistance, advocacy, and public education.

An article about Simone Kolysh’s  research was written in The Mid.

Melanie Lorek of our department was featured in the Tagesspiegel, a well-regarded German daily, about her work with the Third Generation Ost-USA network of scholars, many of them having been born and grown up in East Germany, working on the topic. She makes great points about the ways in which the GDR continued to operate institutionally even after the fall of the wall; how the fall of the Berlin wall fits into the American imagination; the relevance of uncovering the freedoms GDR citizens did enjoy and how they experience them now; and about white privilege and what it is like to be a white European in the US. Dritte Generation Ostdeutschland: "Identität ist kein starres Gehäuse" - Mauerfall - Tagesspiegel<>

Kevin Moran recently had an (single author) article accepted for publication: "Social Structure and Bonhomie: Emotions in the Youth Street Gang" by the British Journal of Criminology. An electronic version will be available in a few weeks online and I expect the print version will come out in the journal's first issue in 2015.

Simone Kolysh was interviewed by café.com for this article.

Jane McAlevey is awarded the AAUW (American Association of University Women) American Fellowship Dissertation Award, for $20,000 for 2014-15.

Marnie Brady, Sara Martucci, & Christina Nadler has been awarded a GC-ITF (Instructional Technology Fellow) fellowship.  The fellowship comes with                       $32,000 stipend per year and is renewable.

Provost’s Summer Research Award for $4,000 is awarded to Simone Kolysh, Pilar Ortiz, & Erin Siodmak.

David Jancsics’ co-authored article, "The Role of Power in Organizational Corruption: An Empirical Study”, has been selected as this year's winner of the "Best Article Award" of the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management (AOM-PNP).
Jávor, Istvan and David Jancsics. 2013. The Role of Power in Organizational Corruption: An Empirical Study. Administration & Society.

In fall 2014, John Boy will join the Center for the Humanities at Utrecht University in the Netherlands as a visiting fellow. Directed by Rosi Braidotti, the Center conducts interdisciplinary research on a range of issues related to civic life. John will contribute to a project on "The Postsecular Condition."

Pilar Ortiz has won a fellowship from the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS), as part of the IASSCS Emerging Scholars International Research Fellowship Program. The grant is for 5000.00 to help with research she is conducting in Chile on sexualized labor in the cafés of Santiago.

The following students have won the GC dissertation fellowship:

Colin Ashley: MAGNET Dissertation Fellowship (Jerry Watts, chair) 23,000 + instate tuition
Jonathan Davis: Dissertation Fellowship (Paul Attewell) 22,000 + instate tuition
Jan Haldipur: Dissertation Fellowship (Phil Kasinitz) 22,000 + instate tuition
Jacob Lederman: Dissertation Fellowship (Sharon Zukin) 22,000 + instate tuition
Koby Oppenheim: Randolph L. Braham Dissertation Award (Richard Alba) 12,500 + instate tuition
These awards come with no service obligation, which help students finish their dissertation.

Christina Nadler has been offered the Dissertation Fellowship with the Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies. This fellowship includes participation in a seminar with faculty and other fellows as well as an award of $10,000.

Jane McAlevely, a fourth year student in the program, was in The Nation again, honoring and describing her work, about women changing the labor movement.


April Henning, a 6th year level 3 student,  has received a two-year fellowship, July '14-July '16: National Institute on Drug Abuse Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

Sou Hyun Jang, a 4th year level 3 student, has received the Nadri Dissertation Fellowship ($3,000) from the Research Center for Korean Community.

Bernadette Ludwig has accepted an offer for a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Wagner College starting fall 2014. She is working on her dissertation, “America is Not the Heaven We Dream Of: Race, Gender, and Refugee Status among Liberians in Staten Island, New York” with Nancy Foner (chair), Philip Kasinitz, Holly Reed, and William Helmreich on her committee.

Amalia Leguizamon’s work was picked up by Third World Network. Read about it here. Amalia is planning on defending in January.


Christina Nadler was interviewed in a USA Today news story about professors and students taking to social media to highlight the conditions of the facilities on the campuses where they teach. Christina was asked to discuss her blog  #HolesAtHunter. Read the USA Today Story here.

Vadricka Etienne, NSF grant recepient, is part of CUNY's All-Star Science Team. View photos here and here.


A new review of Jane McAlevey's book Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell): My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement is available to view on Jane's website.

Abbie Kolker has published a paper with Professor Cynthia Epstein titled  "The Impact of the Economic Downturn on Women Lawyers in the United States" in the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies.

Professor Patricia Clough along with students Karen Gregory, Benjamin Haber and Josh Scannell have just been accepted for publication in the volume Non-Representational Methodologies: Re-envisioning Research, edited by Philip Vannini published by Routledge.  There article is “The Datalogical Turn: Sociality and Big Data”.

David Jancsics's article "Petty Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe: The Client's Perspective," which recently appeared in Crime, Law, and Social Change (May 2013), was discussed in the latest issue of the Anti-Corruption Research Network, an online outlet of Transparency International.  The article can be seen at

Natascia Boeri has received the NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant for her research with homebased workers in Ahmedabad, India. Natascia is working on "Bringing Labor Home: Constructions of Identity in Home-Based Workers" with Hester (chair), Sujatha and Rupal Oza on her committee.

Alexandre Frenette's paper, "Making the Intern Economy: Role and Career Challenges of the Music Industry Intern," was accepted for publication in Work and Occupations. It will appear in the November 2013 special issue on artistic careers and the creative economy. The paper previously won the Harry Braverman Award (2013) from the Society for the Study of Social Problems' Labor Studies Division.

Ershnee Naidu has an article published in the Buffalo Human Rights Law Review, vol 19, 2012- 2013 entitled ' Symbolic reparations and reconciliation: lessons from South Africa'.

Jane McAlevey - The Nation has named “most valuable book of 2012.”  Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell): My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement.  The book details her experiences in the labor movement.

Alyson Spurgas – Her essay " Interest, Arousal, and Shifting Diagnoses of Female Sexual Dysfunction, or: How Women Learn about Desire," has been awarded the Symonds Prize by the journal Studies and Gender and Sexuality. This will be published as the lead essay in Studies in Gender and Sexuality  Issue #4 (this year).

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