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Faculty members are either Central Line faculty (full-time faculty in Sociology or another program at Graduate Center) or Consortial faculty (primary appointment is in another CUNY School).

Central Line

Paul Attewell
Education|Labor, Work, Professions and Organizations|Sociology of State, Social Class, and Political Sociology
Juan Battle
Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice
Janet Gornick
Gender and Work, Inequality; Social Welfare Policy
David Halle
Sociology of Culture, Mass Media, and the Arts
Michael Jacobson
Sociology of Deviance/Criminology
Philip Kasinitz
Ethnography|Race, Ethnicity, and Migration|Urban Sociology
Mary Clare Lennon
Medical Sociology/Public Health|Quantitative Methods/Demography
Wendy Luttrell
Gender, Race and Class Politics in Schooling; Critical Childhood Studies; Visual Sociology
Leslie McCall
Economic, Racial, Class, and Gender Inequality
Ruth Milkman
Labor, Work, and Gender
John Mollenkopf
Race, Ethnicity, and Migration|Urban Sociology
Carla Shedd
Race and ethnicity, social inequality, urban education, criminology and criminal justice, urban policy, qualitative, mixed methods
John Torpey
Comparative Historical Sociology
Van C. Tran
Race, ethnicity, and immigration; neighborhoods and urban poverty; social inequality and public policy; civic engagement and political participation; Asian American studies and Latinx studies; qualitative, quantitative, and spatial methods
Julia Wrigley
Sociology of Education, Sociology of Gender, Social Class, Sociology of Children, Political Sociology.


These faculty members are avaliable to work with students and or teach classes. The (*) denotes that the faculty member is part of the Core faculty, meaning they have taught a class in the last couple of years and or are on a commitee in the Sociology Porgram.


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Amy Adamczyk*
Religion, Deviance, Crime, Health, and Morality
Deborah Balk*
Quantitative Methods and Spatial Methods, Urbanization, Migration, and Climate Change
Mike Benediktsson*
Urban Sociology / Material Culture / Sociology of the Media
Neil Bennett*
Education, Quantitative Methods/Demography
Mucahit Bilici
Islam, American Muslims, Social Theory, Turkish and Kurdish Studies
Roslyn Bologh*
Social and Critical Theory, Feminist Theory, Analyzing Everyday Life, Political Economy and Social Change
Christopher Bonastia*
Race and Ethnicity, Political Sociology and Historical Sociology
David Brotherton*
Sociology of Deviance/Criminology
Sophia Catsambis*
Sociology of Education, Social Stratification, Gender Inequality, Quantitative Research Methodology
Lynn Chancer*
Labor, Work, Professions and Organizations|Social and Critical Theory|Sociology of Deviance/Criminology|Gender and Sexuality
Katherine Chen*
Ethnography|Labor, Work, Professions and Organizations|Sociology of Culture, Mass Media, and the Arts|Sociology of State, Social Class, and Political Sociology
Erica Chito Childs*
Families|Race, Ethnicity, and Migration|Sociology of Culture, Mass Media, and the Arts
Margaret M. Chin
Immigration, Family, Work, Education, Asian Americans, and Children of Immigrants
Hector Cordero-Guzman
Education, Work, Poverty and Inequality; Social Welfare Organizations and Infrastructure; Migration Processes and Organizations; The Caribbean Region
Jessie Daniels*
Race, Ethnicity, and Migration|Sociology of Culture, Mass Media, and the Arts
Rafael de la Dehesa
Gender and Sexuality; Globalization; Social Movements; Latin American Studies
Thomas DeGloma*
Cultural Sociology, Cognition and Memory, Performance Theory
Susan Dumais
Education|Sociology of Culture, Mass Media, and the Arts
Nancy Foner*
Immigration, race/ethnicity, gender, and family
Gail Garfield
Race, Ethnicity, and Migration|Sociology of Deviance/Criminology
Robert Garot
Sociology of Deviance/Criminology, Ethnography
Lior Gideon
Methodology, Survey Methodology, Penology and Corrections, International and Comparative Criminal Justice
Kenneth Gould*
Environment, Sustainable Development, Environmental Justice
Jean Halley
Race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality | Family and childhood | Animal studies
John Hammond*
Social Movements, Social Inequality, Latin America, and Human Rights
Jessica Hardie*
Families|Education|Medical Sociology/Public Health|Quantitative Methods/Demography
Donald Hernandez
Education|Quantitative Methods/Demography
Ramona Hernandez
Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
Marnia Lazreg*
Social and Critical Theory
Tammy Lewis
Globalization, Development and Environment
Stephanie Luce
Globalization, Labor, and Work
Howard Lune
Susan Markens*
Medical Sociology/Public Health|Gender and Sexuality
Pyong Gap Min*
Ethnicity and International Migration; Gender, Women and the Family; Immigrant and Ethnic Entrepreneurship; New Immigrants’ Religious Practices
Jayne Mooney*
Sociology of Deviance/Criminology
Tamara Mose
Qualitative Research Methods, The Family, Urban Sociology/Ethnography, Caribbean Diaspora, and Race/Ethnicity along with domestic work
Peter C. Moskos
Ethnography, Qualitative Methods, Policing, and Criminology
Carolina Bank Munoz*
Labor, Work, Immigration, Globalization, Intersectionality, and Latin America
Shehzad Nadeem*
Richard Ocejo*
Qualitative Research Methods, Urban Sociology/Ethnography, Labor and Work
Yung-Yi Diana Pan
Race/Ethnicity, immigrant adaptation, culture, and professions
Maritsa Poros
Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
Jeremy Porter*
Quantitative Methods/Demography|Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
Charles Post*
Comparative-Historical Sociology (the origins and development of capitalism), Labor and Work, Race, and Classical Sociological Theory
Holly Reed
Demography, Migration/Immigration, Forced Migration and Refugees, Sub-Saharan Africa, Policy Analysis, Urbanization, Development and Health
Robin Rogers
Gender and Sexuality, Education
Barbara Katz Rothman*
Sociology of Health & Illness, Gender & Sexuality, Food Studies
Sanford Schram
Sociology of State, Social Class, and Political Sociology
Robert Smith*
Ethnography,Globalization, Development and Environment,Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
Gregory Smithsimon*
Urban Sociology
Displaying results 1-50 (of 61)
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Emeritus Faculty

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