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Roslyn Bologh*
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island
Phone: 718-982-3776
Research Interests: Social and Critical Theory, Feminist Theory, Analyzing Everyday Life, Political Economy and Social Change
Professor Roslyn Wallach Bologh has authored two books and numerous articles. She has written Dialectical Phenomenology: Marx’s Method, showing how Marx’s method of analyzing capital (as developed in his 800 page set of notebooks, Grundrisse, preliminary to writing Capital) could be applied to analyzing everyday social phenomena.  She has contributed to feminist theory with articles and her book, Love or Greatness: Max Weber and Masculine Thinking, A Feminist Inquiry (winner of the Humanist Sociology Book Award) critically engaging Weber’s argument that all worldly values – political, economic, cultural, erotic -- ultimately conflict with brotherly love (ethics).   Her current focus is on critical issues of political economy; she recently published “The Missing Element in Piketty’s Work,” in Twenty-First Century Inequality & Capitalism; Piketty, Marx and Beyond (eds L Langman and D Smith, 2018).  Her primary interest is to focus attention on how human and social development critically depends on developing a socially self-conscious political economy.  She is concerned about the dangers of current day “learned ignorance” regarding the nature and practices -- the dynamics -- of contemporary political economy (including “financialization” of the economy) and the significance of those dynamics for all aspects of social life, including personality, character and culture; interpersonal relations; social class and social movements; and social change including most importantly -- crisis (national and international).