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Job Placements

Job Placements

Graduates of the program have traditionally obtained employment either in academic settings or in the rich variety of applied research opportunities available in the area. Among recent graduates, the balance has shifted somewhat in favor of academic jobs. For the 64 graduates for the 2005-2009 period for whom we have information, 72% have full-time teaching, research or staff positions in academia. Two more have visiting teaching positions. The academic positions include appointments at NYU, Middlebury, Univ. of Kansas, Morgan State, Cal State Northridge, Brooklyn college, John Jay College etc. Another 17% hold full-time research or applied positions. The placement record has markedly improved in the last few years, and we expect that this trend will continue.

Following is a list of recent job placements:

Paoyi Huang has accepted a tenure track Assistant Professor at BMCC this fall.  Paoyi defended her dissertation ‘"Love" Across the Strait: Cross-Border Marriage between Chinese Women and Taiwanese Men.” with Hester (chair), Nancy and Phil on her committee in the spring.
Veronica Momjian has accepted a position as a Director of Learning and Evaluation at an organization called  Veronica defended her dissertation “The Relative Impact of Psychosocial Well-being and Mental Health on the Relationship between Religiosity and Economic Circumstances.” with Juan (chair), Cynthia, John Torpey, & Susan Markens on her committee in spring.

Fang Xu has accepted a one-year with possible renewal lecturer position at the Interdisciplinary Studies Field of the undergrad division of UC Berkeley. Fang Xu defended her dissertation, “The Price of Cosmopolitanism: Globalization, Class Structure, and Language Endangerment in Shanghai” with Sharon Zukin (Chair), Phil Kasinitz, Jilllian Cavanaugh (Brooklyn), & Xiangming Chen (Trinity College) on her committee this spring.

Jinwon Kim has accepted a one year teaching job at Oberlin.  Jinwon defended her dissertation, “Branding Korea or Marketing Ethnicity: Manhattan’s Koreatown as a “Transclave” in the Global Economy”  with Sharon Zukin (chair), Richard Alba, Philip Kasinitz and Margaret Chin on her committee this spring.

Bonnie French has accepted a tenure track position at Caldwell University, a small catholic college in New Jersey.  Bonnie was a Visiting Professor at Caldwell for last couple of years.

Steve Ruszczyk has accepted a tenure track position at Montclair State University. 

Zoe Meleo Erwin will be joining the Public Health Department of William Paterson University in NJ in August.  She has been an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Eastern CT State University for the last two years. 

Sonji Keizs Nicholas has been a full time Sociology Instructor at South Florida State for past couple of years.  Sonji has received a Fulbright Award to do short term study in Senegal.  Upon completion of the seminar, she will develop and deliver a curriculum for the Honors Program at South Florida State College pertaining to Culture and Diversity in West Africa.  

Jacob Lederman has accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position at the University of Michigan-Flint.  Jacob defended his dissertation, "Turning to culture in times of crisis: Global toolkits and urban reinvestment in Buenos Aires" with Sharon Zukin (Chair), Phil Kasinitz, Sujatha Fernandes, Ryan Centner (London School of Economics) on his committee in spring15.
Rebecca Rasch was hired as a Presidential Management Fellow with the US Forest Service as a Region 1 Social Scientist in Missoula, MT in June.  Rebecca defended her dissertation , ": INCOME INEQUALITY AND VULNERABIILITY TO FLOOD HAZARD IN BRAZIL" with Janet Gornick (chair), Deborah Balk, Tammy Lewis, & Patricia Romero-Lankao (University Corporation of Atmospheric Research) in spring15.
Rebecca also had an article published: Rasch, Rebecca. 2015. “Measuring the Middle Class in Middle-Income Countries.” Forum for Social Economics 1–16.
Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land has accepted a tenure-track position in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Winnipeg. Winnipeg is her hometown, and it is where her research is based.  Bronwyn is working on her dissertation, "Settler Colonialism, Social Welfare, and Carceral Expansion: The Politics of Crime Prevention in Manitoba" with Lucia Trimbur (chair),Lynn Chancer,& Jayne Mooney and plans to defend in spring 16.
David Jancsics has accepted a one-year postdoctoral position from Rutgers -- School of Public Affairs and Administration with the possibility of renewal for an additional year.  David defended his dissertation in fall 13 and was working as a part-time researcher at the Bildner Center.  His dissertation is titled, "Corruption Everywhere? A Central European Case" with Paul Attewell (chair), John Torpey, & Philip Kasinitz on the committee.
John Boy
accepted a three-year position as postdoctoral researcher in the Sociology Department of the University of Amsterdam, where he is pursuing research on cultural conflict, cities, and digital and social media. As part of his research project, he will present a paper with Justus Uitermark at the RC21 conference in Urbino, Italy. John defended his dissertation "Blessed Disruption: Culture and Urban Space in a European Church Planting Network" with John Torpey (chair), Marnia Lazreg & Stanley Aronowitz on his committee this spring.  Prior to starting his position at UvA, John was a visiting fellow at Utrecht University participating in a project on Religion, Secularism & Political Belonging. John's paper "The Axial Age and the Problems of the Twentieth Century: Du Bois, Jaspers, and Universal History" was accepted by The American Sociologist, where is appears under an open-access license.

Ilgin Yorukoglu has accepted a tenure track position as an assistant Prof. of Criminal Justice at BMCC, beginning Jan 2015. Her dissertation was, "Acts of Belonging: Perceptions of Citizenship Among Queer Turkish Women in Germany" with Lynn Chancer (chair), Patricia Clough and Bill Kornblum on her committee.

Jonathan Davis has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Administration and Secondary Education at The College of New Jersey. Jonathan defended his dissertation ““Managers" in the classroom: The impact of classroom management coursework in teacher education programs” with Paul Attewell (Chair), Phil Kasinitz, Terrie Epstein, & Nicholas Michelli (both Urban Ed) this fall. 

Kevin Moran has accepted a tenure track position as an assistant professor of criminology/sociology at Bloomfield College, New jersey, beginning in Jan 2015. Kevin plans to defend his dissertation, “Desistance and the Mythic Narrative: Recasting Rehabilitation in Prison. Committee Members: David Brotherton (Chair), Lynn Chancer, Jim Jasper, and Shadd Maruna (Rutgers) this semester.

Elaine Douglas-Harrison (formerly Douglas-Noel), who received her Ph.D. "Marriage Jamaican-Style:  When Wives Migrate and Leave Husbands Behind" with Cynthia Epstein (chair), Bill Kornblum, Joan Mencher (Anthro) and Constance Sutton (NYU) this Fall.  She is enjoying her first college teaching experience as a Visiting Professor (Spanish) for the Spring in the Languages and Cultures Department at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois."

Alexandre Frenette's dissertation, The Intern Economy: Laboring to Learn in the Music Industry, was selected as the winner of the Labor and Employment Relations Association's Thomas A. Kochan and Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Award. His dissertation committee consisted of Paul Attewell (Chair), Sharon Zukin, and Bill Kornblum. Alexandre Frenette defended his dissertation in spring 14 and earlier this fall, began work as a Postdoctoral Scholar at Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. He will work with the new Dean (sociologist Steven Tepper) to launch the Center for the Study of Creative Work.

John Andrews has accepted a Visiting Assistant Professor job at Williams college in American studies. John defended his dissertation in fall 13 with Patricia Clough (chair), Stanley Aronowitz, Lynn Chancer, Lisa Duggan and randy Martin on his committee.

Cathy Borck has accepted a tenure track job at BMCC starting this fall. Cathy  plans to defend her dissertation, “The Myth of the Unteachable: Youth, Race, and the Capacity of Alternative Pedagogy” with Paul Attewell (chair), Michelle Fine, & Patricia Clough on her committee in summer.

Elizabeth Miller has accepted a position at Westchester Community College in the Department of Business, Behavioral/Social Sciences, Public and Human Services.  Elizabeth defended her dissertation, "The Other Tribeca: Immigrant Work and Incorporation amid Affluence" with Nancy Foner (chair), Mitch Duneier, Bill Kornblum and Mehdi Bozorgmehr on her committee in August, 2013.

Alyson Spurgas has taken up a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sociology (with a teaching/research focus on Gender and Sexualities) at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, just outside of St. Louis.  Alyson defended her dissertation "Circuits of Desire: Science, Therapy, Trauma, Femininity" with Victoria Pitts-Taylor (chair), Patricia Clough, and Barbara Katz Rothman in May.

Jessica Sperling who has headed the research/evaluation program at StoryCorps (a national oral history organization) since 2013  will be transitioning to a position in CUNY RF's Office of Research, Evaluation, and Program Support.  Jessica defended her dissertation, “Social Context and Perceived Belonging: A Comparative Study of Children of Immigrants in New York City and Madrid” with Richard Alba (chair), Cynthia Epstein, Nancy Foner, & Phil Kasinitz in Fall 2013.

Jared Hanneman has accepted a tenure track position at Thiel College in western Pennsylvania starting this fall.  Jared plans to defend his dissertation, “A Gift We Can't Keep Giving: The Prevalence and Consequence of Unpaid Labor by Educators" with Marnia Lazreg (chair), Paul Attewell, & Stanley Aronowitz this summer.

Amalia Leguizamón has accepted a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Tulane University in New Orleans, where she will also be a Faculty Fellow at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies. Amalia defended her dissertation, "Roundup Ready Nation: The Political Ecology of Genetically Modified Soy in Argentina" with Ken Gould (chair), Jack Hammond, and Bill Kornblum in January 2014.

Kimberly Cunnigham has accepted a job as a full-time Visiting Assistant Professor at Wesleyan University beginning Fall 2014. Kim is defending her dissertation  “(Remember) The Future: The Preemptive Governance of Memory in the Age of Mass Catastroph” with Patricia Clough (chair), Victoria Pitts-Taylor, Michelle Fine , & Jackie Orr (University of Syracuse).

CalvinJohn Smiley has accepted a tenure-track position in the Department of Justice Studies at Montclair State University .  Calvin successfully defended his dissertation, "Existing But Not Living: Neo-Civil Death and The Carceral State" two days ago, with Juan Battle (Chair), David Brotherton, Lynn Chancer, & Jock Young (In Memoriam).

Katherine McLean has accepted a tenure-track position at Penn State Allegheny (their Pittsburgh campus), in Criminal Justice.  Katherine defended her dissertation, : "Reducing risk, producing selves: Drug use and identity in needle exchange, with Victoria Pitts-Taylor (chair), Barbara Katz Rothman, & Barry Spunt on her committee in Spring 2013.

Allison Goodman has accepted a position at James Madison University in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.  Allison defended her dissertation, "Renewal and Disposability: Projects and Narratives of Development and Dispossession in the 'new' New Orleans." With Robert Smith (chair), Michelle Fine and Bill Kornblum on her committee in October 2013.

Jesse Goldstein has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University starting in fall 14.  He plans to defend his dissertation, "Planetary Improvement: Discourses and Practices of Green Capitalism in the Clean tech Space" with Ken Gould (chair), Hester Eisenstein and Cindi Katz in May 2014.

Karen Gregory has started, beginning this semester, as Full Time Lecturer at City College's Center for Worker Education.   She plans to defend her dissertation, “Enchanted Entrepreneurs: The Labor of Esoteric Practitioners in New York City” with Patricia Clough (chair), Bill Kornblum, and Vincent Crapanzano in May 2014.

Kate Jenkins has accepted a job as Assistant prof of sociology at Winona State University in Minnesota.  Kate plans to defend her dissertation  "Autism Speaks Back" with Patricia (chair), Victoria and Barbara on her committee in April 2014.

Zoe Meleo-Erwin, a 2013 graduate, has just accepted a tenure-track position at Eastern Connecticut State University. Zoe was a visiting assistant professor at Hunter this fall.

Patrick Inglis, another 2013 graduate, has recently accepted the tenure-track offer at Grinnell College starting fall 2014.  Patrick is a Visiting Professor at Grinnell this year.

Bernadette Ludwig has accepted an offer for a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Wagner College starting fall 2014. She is working on her dissertation, “America is Not the Heaven We Dream Of: Race, Gender, and Refugee Status among Liberians in Staten Island, New York” with Nancy Foner (chair), Philip Kasinitz, Holly Reed, and William Helmreich on her committee. - See more at:

Bernadette Ludwig has accepted an offer for a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Wagner College starting fall 2014. She is working on her dissertation, “America is Not the Heaven We Dream Of: Race, Gender, and Refugee Status among Liberians in Staten Island, New York” with Nancy Foner (chair), Philip Kasinitz, Holly Reed, and William Helmreich on her committee.

Soniya Munshi has accepted a full-time tenure track job at BMCC starting fall 13.  Soniya defended her dissertation,“NEGOTIATING VIOLENCE, NAVIGATING NEOLIBERALISM: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ADVOCACY EFFORTS IN SOUTH ASIAN COMMUNITIES IN POST-9/11 NEW YORK CITY” with Barbara Katz Rothman (Chair), Patricia Clough, & Hester Eisenstein on her committee.

Laura Mauldin, 2012, has accepted a tenure track position at Univ. of Connecticut as a  joint appointee in Human Development/Family Studies & Gender & Sexuality Studies Dept.  Laura was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology this year.

Norma Anderson has accepted a job offer as assistant professor of sociology at Bridgewater State University, in Massachusetts. Norma is working on her dissertation, "The problem of Malawi in western discourse: power, patronage, and the politics of pity" with Barbara (chair), Paul, & Juan on her committee. (3/5/12)

Mitra Rastegar has accepted a full-time teaching position as a Master Teacher at New York University's Global Liberal Studies Program. Mitra is working on her dissertation "Affective Values, Affecting Figures: Liberal Tolerance and the Muslim Other" with Patricia Clough (chair), Hester Eisenstein and Samira Haj on her committee (6/14/11).

Craig Willse has accepted a two-year visiting assistant position at the College of Wooster in Ohio. He defended his dissertation, "Surplus Life: The Neoliberal Making and Managing of Housing Insecurity" under Patricia Clough (chair), Stanley Aronowitz, Barbara Katz Rothman, & Neil Smith on his committee last September.(5/9/11)

Mehmet Kucukozer has accepted an Assistant Professor position at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie starting this Fall. Mehmet defended his dissertation, "PEASANT REBELLIONS IN THE AGE OF GLOBALIZATION: THE EZLN IN MEXICO AND THE PKK IN TURKEY" last summer with Mauricio Font (chair), John Torpey, & Carmenza Galo. (4/29/11) Tim Recuber has accepted a position as a post-doctoral lecturer in the Writing Program at Princeton University. Tim recently defended his dissertation entitled "Consuming Catastrophe: Authenticity and Emotion in Mass-mediated Disasters" under the direction of Stuart Ewen (chair), John Torpey, and Sharon Zukin. (4/13/11)

Robert Turner, a recent alum, has accepted a postdoctoral research associate position in the Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity, for a two year term beginning July 1, 2011. The fellowship is joint appointment with the departments of Exercise & Sports Science and Sociology. In addition to conducting research with Dr. Richard Southall, Director of the College Sport Research Institute, Dr. Karolyn Tyson in the sociology department will work with him to develop his dissertation into a manuscript. The sociology division at Oxford University Press has approved his book proposal. Robert had a 1 year Postdoctoral position in Social & Cultural Science at Marquette University, WI this year. (3/29/11)

Lauren Jade Martin has accepted an offer for a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Penn State University - Berks. She is working on her dissertation, "Mother Country: Reproductive Tourism in the Age of Globalization" with Barbara Katz Rothman (chair), Hester Eisenstein, and Frances Fox Piven. (3/10/2011)

Greg Goldberg, a 2009 Graduate, has accepted a job as an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at Wesleyan University. Greg worked there as a Visiting Assistant Professor for Fall 2010. Greg defended his dissertation, "OWN NOTHING, HAVE EVERYTHING: PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKS AND THE NEW CULTURAL ECONOMY" with Patricia (chair), Stanley and Steven Brier on his committee. His article "Rethinking the Public/Virtual Sphere: The problem with participation" has been accepted for publication in New Media & Society. Congratulations to Greg! (2/28/2011)

Jamie McCallum, has accepted a job at Middlebury College in the Soc dept. He will be teaching Labor, Political Economy and Globalization. Jamie is working on his dissertation, "In Dubious Battle: Case Studies of the New Labor Transnationalism." Which focused mainly on his research on South Africa and India. He has been working with Frances Piven (chair), John Torpey, Ruth Milkman, & Stanley Aronowitz and plans to defend in Spring.

Darren Barany has accepted a post in the Behavioral Sciences Department at SUNY, Dutchess Community College to begin this Fall. Darren defended his dissertation "Neocontradictions: The Politics and Ideology of American Welfare State Decline." With Stanley, Frances Piven and Bill Kornblum on his committee in fall 09. Also, a recent submission of him "Saving Society from the 'Presumption of Reason': Classical Conservative and New Right Anti-Welfarism in Post-War America", was recently accepted for publication by Critical Sociology. Congratulations to Darren!

Placements prior to 2010