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Faculty Book: Kenneth A. Gould

Kenneth A. Gould, David Naguib Pellow, and Allan Schnaiberg

The Treadmill of Production: Injustice and Unsustainability in the Global Economy
(Paradigm Publishers, 2008)

Schnaiberg’s concept of the treadmill of production is arguably the most visible and enduring theory to emerge in three decades of environmental sociology. Elaborated and tested, it has been found to be an accurate predictor of political-economic changes in the global economy. In the global South, it figures prominently in the work of structural environmental analysts and has been used by many political-economic movements. Building new extensions and applications of the treadmill theory, this book shows how and why northern analysts and governments have failed to protect our environment and secure our future. Using an empirically based political-economic perspective, the authors outline the causes of environmental degradation, the limits of environmental protection policies, and the failures of institutional decision-makers to protect human well-being. Kenneth A. Gould is a professor of sociology at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUL 30, 2008

Category: Faculty Books | Sociology