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Faculty Book: David L. Eng

David L. Eng and David Kazanjian, editors

Loss: The Politics of Mourning
(University of California Press, 2002; 488 pp.)

book cover imageThe contributors to this volume—including political theorists, film and literary critics, museum curators, feminists, AIDS activists, and psychoanalysts—look toward a new experience of both the past and the future by considering "what is lost" in terms of "what remains." Their subjects, viewed through the lens of melancholy, range from the Irish Famine and the Ottoman slaughter of Armenians, to the aftermath of the Vietnam War and apartheid in South Africa, to problems of partial immigration and assimilation, AIDS, and the re-envisioning of leftist movements. Their hope is to reinvigorate possibilities in the workings of witness, memory, and melancholy after a century of pervasive loss due to warfare, disease, and political strife. David L. Eng is associate professor of English at Rutgers University, and David Kazanjian is assistant professor of English at Queens College and visiting professor of English at The Graduate Center. 

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Submitted on: DEC 2, 2002

Category: English | Faculty Books