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Jane Guskin
Institution: The Graduate Center, CUNY
Program: Sociology

Degrees/Diplomas: B.A. Race, Migration, and Social Change, The Graduate Center, CUNY (CUNY BA)

Research Interests: social movements, migration, labor, race, incarceration, historical sociology.

Jane Guskin is a doctoral student in sociology at The Graduate Center, the City University of New York. Her research explores race, migration, labor, criminalization, and social change through a historical-sociological lens. Her current work investigates how thousands of immigrant workers across the United States navigated power relations to set the terms of their participation in “Day without an Immigrant” general strikes during the spring of 2006. She has also studied the dynamics of power in grassroots campaigns against immigration detention in New York City in the post-9/11 period. In 2017 Jane worked for Dr. Ruth Milkman conducting focus groups in Spanish and English with home care workers for a research project with New York City’s Office of Labor Protections and Standards. She has also worked for Dr. Els de Grauuw at Baruch College, researching local initiatives on immigrant integration in New York State. Jane has a background in labor and immigrant rights organizing, nonprofit administration, and grants management. She is co-author of The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers, published by Monthly Review Press.