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SPCH80700 - Seminar in Language Science: Bilingual Aging

80700 - Seminar in Language Science: Bilingual Aging - 3 Credits (Cross Listed with LING 79300)
Day/Time: Tuesday, 4:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.
Mode of Instruction: Hybrid
Instructor: Prof. Loraine Obler

In this course, we will discuss how bilingual language use and processing are influenced by the cognitive and neural changes that occur in aging. In doing so, we will discuss lifetime experiential factors that may alter the course of bilingual aging (e.g., language dominance, attrition) and their consequences for cognition and the brain. We will also review how language processing and production are affected by aging, as they relate to models of bilingual language control and access.
The class will have four major assignments. Each student will select the final one and two out of the following three to complete: 
1. select a specific topic and readings to present to the class and lead a discussion on it during one class meeting, 
2. prepare a brief presentation on the brain structures discussed in one assigned reading, 
3. develop discussion questions for weekly readings starting week 3. 
4. For the final major assignment, students will have the option of writing a literature review on an aspect of bilingual aging or designing a research project on bilingual aging. If students choose to develop a research project, they may either write it up as a formal class paper or present their project as a formal lecture to the class.

The class will be hybrid in person and via Zoom. Grading will be Pass/Fail.