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Shafer, Valerie

Executive Officer / Professor

Neurophysiology of Language Development; Speech Perception; Second Language Learning

Martin, Brett

Associate Professor

Audiology; Auditory Evoked Potentials

Obler, Loraine K. 

Distinguished Professor

Neurolinguistics; Bilingualism; Cross-Language Aphasia; Language in Aging and Dementia; Dyslexia

Schwartz, Richard G.

Presidential Professor

Language and Phonological Disorders in Children; Developmental Psycholinguistics

Whalen, Douglas H.

Distinguished Professor

Speech Science; Endangered Languages

Research Faculty at the Graduate Center

Van Der Feest, Suzanne

Research Associate Professor, The Graduate Center

First Language Acquisition; Phonology and Phonetics; Psycholinguistics; Speech Perception and Production

Doctoral Faculty from other CUNY Colleges

Avivi-Reich, Meital

Assistant Professor, Brooklyn College

Speech Perception and Comprehension in Complex Auditory Scenes; Bilingualism; Aging; Auditory Learning

Behrman, Alison

Associate Professor, Lehman College

Motor Speech Disorders; Nonnative Accents

Bishop, Jason

Associate Professor, College of Staten Island

Prosody and Sentence Processing; Speech Perception

Brooks, Patricia J.

Professor, College of Staten Island

Prosody and Sentence Processing; Speech Perception

Conner, Peggy

Associate Professor and Chair, Lehman College

Fluency; Aphasia; Multilingualism; Neuroplasticity; Clinical Methods

Eng, Nancy

Associate Professor, Hunter College

Speech and Language; Bilingualism; Tone Languages; Reading

Fernández, Eva M.

Professor, Queens College

Psycholinguistics; Bilingualism; Phonological Processing; Syntactic Processing

Fortunato-Tavares, Talita

Gelfand, Stanley A.

Professor, Queens College

Speech Perception; Acoustic Immittance

Gerber, Sima

Professor, Queens College

Language Acquisition

Henin, Simon

Adjunct Professor, City College

Hearing Science; Otoacoustic Emission; Psychoacoustics

Goral, Mira

Professor, Lehman College and Deputy Executive Officer, The Graduate Center

Bilingualism; Neurolinguistics; Language in Aging

MacRoy-Higgins, Michelle

Associate Professor and Chair, Hunter College

Language Development; Child Language Disorders; Attention
and Language Evolution

Marton, Klara

Professor and Chair, Brooklyn College

Cognitive Science; Language Development; Bilingualism; Child Language/Cognitive Disorders

Melara, Robert D.

Professor, City College

Neurophysiology; Bilingualism

Newman, Michael

Associate Professor; Department Chair, Queens College

Applied Linguistics; Spanish Linguistics; Sociolinguistics

Parra, Lucas C.

Professor, City College

Neuroscience; Speech and Audio Processing; Neural Computations

Seiger-Gardner, Liat

Associate Professor, Lehman College

Typical Language Acquisition; Child Language Disorders; Psycholinguistics

Sekerina, Irina

Professor, College of Staten Island

Sentence Processing; Eye-tracking; Bilingualism; Slavic and Russian Linguistics and Psycholinguistics; Language Acquisition

Silman, Shlomo

Presidential Professor, Brooklyn College

Acoustic Immittance; Sensory Deprivation

Silverman, Carol A.

Professor, Hunter College

Acoustic Immittance; Auditory Deprivation; Medical Audiology

Tchernichovski, Ofer

Professor, Hunter College

Sound Analysis; Bird Song

Valian, Virginia

Distinguished Professor, Hunter College

Language Learning; Social Cognition; Psycholinguistics; Cognition

Contributing Faculty from other Universities

Barriere, Isabelle

Associate Professor, Molloy College

Morphosyntactic and Morphophonological Development in Monolingual, Multilingual/dialectal Children; Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Assessments of Preschool and School Children

Chondrogianni, Vicky

Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

First and Second Language Acquisition; Child Bilingualism; Psycholinguistics; Developmental Language Disorders

DeSanti, Susan

Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs, Patient Journey, Neurology Business Group at Eisai, Inc

Biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Friedmann, Naama

Professor, Tel Aviv University

Neuropsychology of Language; Aphasia; Dyslexia; Dysgraphia; 

Galletta, Elizabeth

Clinical Associate Professor, NYU School of Medicine

Aphasia; Lexical Retrieval; Rehabilitation; Noninvasive Brain Stimulation; tDCS

Gerenser, Joanne E.

Executive Director, Eden II Programs

Grigos, Maria

Associate Professor; Department Chair, New York University

Speech Motor Control; Speech Production

Koenig, Laura

Professor, Adelphi University

Speech Physiology; Respiratory and Laryngeal Function; Acoustic and Aerodynamic Measures of Cross-language Differences and Speech Production Development

Levy, Erika

Associate Professor, Teachers College-Columbia University 

Dysarthria Characteristics and Treatment across Languages in Children with Cerebral Palsy and Adults with Parkinson's Disease, with a Focus on Intelligibility

Pugh, Kenneth R.

President and Director of Research; Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories

Reilly, Jamie

Professor, Temple University

Lexical and Semantic Processing in Aphasia, Alzheimer's Disease, and Semantic Variant of Primary Progressive Aphasia; Minority Cognitive Aging; Pupillometry; Representation and Lexical Structure of Profanity

Shadle, Christine

Research Scientist, Haskins Laboratories

Sussman, Elyse

Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Cognitive Neuroscience; Neural Bases of Auditory Information Processing in Adults and Children

Svirsky, Mario A.

Professor, NYU School of Medicine

Molecular, Cellular, & Translational Neuroscience; Systems, Cognitive, & Computational Neuroscience

Tiede, Mark

Research Scientist, Haskins Laboratories

Van Dyke, Julie A.

Research Scientist, Haskins Laboratories

Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Language Comprehension

Vance, Timothy

Professor, National Institute for Japanese

Writing Systems; Phonetics; Phonology


Boothroyd, Arthur
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Graduate Center

Cairns, Helen S.
Professor Emerita, Queens College

Gitterman, Martin R.
Professor Emeritus, Lehman College

Goldfarb, Robert
Professor Emeritus, Lehman College

Halpern, Harvey
Professor Emeritus, Queens College

Harris, Katherine S.
Distinguished Professor Emerita, Graduate Center

Levitt, Harry
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Graduate Center

Locke, John
Professor Emeritus, Lehman College

Long, Glenis R.
Resident Professor and Professor Emerita, Graduate Center

Raphael, Lawrence J.
Professor Emeritus, Lehman College

Stark, Joel
Professor Emeritus, Queens College

Strange, Winifred
Professor Emerita, Graduate Center