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Faculty Book: Martin Gitterman, Mira Goral, and Loraine K. Obler

Martin Gitterman, Mira Goral, and Loraine K. Obler, eds.

Aspects of Multilingual Aphasia
(Multilingual Matters, 2012)

This volume provides a broad overview of current work in aphasia in individuals who speak more than one language. Contributions from many leading researchers in the field span experimental work and theoretical perspectives, addressing assessment and treatment, language phenomena (e.g., code-switching), particular language pairs (including a bidialectal study), and the role of cultural context. Martin Gitterman is a professor emeritus of speech–language–hearing sciences at Lehman College and the Graduate Center; Mira Goral (Prof., Lehman) and Loraine K. Obler (Dist. Prof., GC) are on the doctoral faculty in speech–language–hearing sciences, and Obler is also on the doctoral faculty in linguistics.

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Submitted on: SEP 25, 2012

Category: Faculty Books | Linguistics | Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences