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Faculty Book: Shlomo Silman and Michele Emmer

Shlomo Silman and Michele B. Emmer

Instrumentation in Audiology and Hearing Science: Theory and Practice
(Plural Publishing, 2011)

In this comprehensive and accessible look at instrumentation available to audiologists and hearing scientists, the authors introduce the laws of physics as they relate to audiology and hearing science and explain relevant concepts in electronics (filtering, immittance, digital signal processing including FFT, power reflectance, microphones, receivers, amplifiers, and so forth). They also provide an invaluable introduction to digital technology and further cover details on the calibration of equipment (ANSI standards, audiometer, otoacoustic emissions, and other evoked potentials). The book is abundantly illustrated with analog and digital models and includes instrumentation demonstrations on an accompanying DVD. Shlomo Silman (Prof., Brooklyn) is on the doctoral faculty in audiology and speech–language–hearing sciences. Michele B. Emmer (Prof., Brooklyn) is on the doctoral faculty in audiology.

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Submitted on: OCT 10, 2012

Category: Audiology (Au.D) | Faculty Books | Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences