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Faculty Book: Loraine K. Obler, ed.

José G. Centeno, Raquel Teresa Anderson, and Loraine K. Obler, eds.

Communication Disorders in Spanish Speakers: Theoretical, Research, and Clinical Aspects
(Multilingual Matters, 2007)

Bridging the gap in the literature on Hispanic individuals for student clinicians and professionals in speech-language pathology/speech therapy, this volume links empirical and theoretical bases to evidence-based practices for child and adult Spanish users; and provides both students and licensed professionals in speech-language pathology much-needed multidisciplinary bases to implement clinical services with Spanish speakers. Researchers and practitioners from speech-language pathology, neurolinguistics, neuropsychology, education, and clinical psychology provide theoretical and empirical grounds to develop evidence-based clinical procedures for monolingual Spanish and bilingual Spanish-English children and adults with communication disorders. Loraine K. Obler is a distinguished professor of speech-language-hearing sciences at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUL 1, 2007

Category: Faculty Books | Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences