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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium Schedule Spring 2014

Room 7102
All colloquium are free and open to the public.
All colloquia meet on Wednesday in room 7102 at 2:45 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

02/05/14, Wednesday 2:45pm
Dr. Yulia Yoncheva, New York University
"Neural Correlates of Selective Attention to Language: Implications for Reading Acquistion"

02/26/14, Wednesday 2:45pm
Dr. Arthur G. Samuel, Stony Brook University
"Non-native Listening: Three Recent Projects"

03/26/14, Wednesday 2:45pm
Dr. Susanna Levi, New York University
"Do I know you? How children learn to identify talkers' voicees and what it means for spoken word recognition"

04/09/2014, Wednesday 2:45pm
Dr. Jamie Reilly, Temple University
"Concept representation and Language Maintenance in the Face of Neurodegeneration"

04/23/14, Wednesday 2:45pm
Dr. Pim van Dijk, U Gronigen/CUNY
"Abnormal Central Processing in Tinnitus"

04/30/14, Wednesday 2:45pm
Dr. Pascal van Lieshout, University of Toronto


Committee Meeting Schedule

No Committee Meetings scheduled at this time