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Audiology & Auditory Evoked Potentials Laboratory


Lab Meetings: Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:00 (bi-monthly)
Location: rm. 7401 & 7399

Mission Statement

Research in this laboratory focuses on behavioral and neurophysiologic processing of auditory information, especially speech. Work in this laboratory examines:

  • the development of the acoustic change complex as an electrophysiologic tool for the assessment of speech perception capacity in  infants and young children

  • maturation of neurophysiologic and behavioral processing of sound in adverse listening conditions in adults and in children

  • how processing of speech is altered with hearing loss and the extent to which processing is remediated with amplification (hearing aids, cochlear implants)

  • brain-behavior relationships

This research bridges basic mechanisms and clinical application.

Principal Investigator:

Brett Martin, Ph.D. 
Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences,
Graduate School and University Center,
City University of New York,
365 Fifth Ave
New York, New York 10016-4309

Phone: 212-817-8838
Fax: 212-817-1537


Room 7201

Phone 212-817-7470

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