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Selected Publications

Selected Publications Involving Lab Students (1994-2012)

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First-authored by Neurolinguistics Lab Students (2005-2010)

Conner, P.S., Hyun, J., O'Connor Wells, B., Rubino, D., Anema, I., Monéreau-Merry, M., Goral, M., Kuckuk, R. & L.K. Obler. Age-related differences in idiom production in adulthood. (submitted)

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Selected Abstracts / Recent Presentations

Park, Y., Monéreau-Merry, M., & Obler, L. K (2010). Effect of attitudes toward heritage language on language proficiency in Korean heritage language speakers. 1st International Conference on Heritage/Community Language Education, Los Angeles, CA.

O’Connor Wells, B., Obler, L. K., & Goral, M. (2009). Verb-form regularity and tense-aspect frequency in bilingual Spanish-speakers with agrammatism. The 3rd International Symposium on Communication Disorders in Multilingual Populations, Agros, Cyprus.

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O’Connor Wells, B., Obler, L. K., & Goral, M. (2009). Verb-form regularity and tense-aspect frequency facilitate copula verb production in Spanish agrammatism. Paper presented at the Academy of Aphasia, Boston, MA.

Yoon, J., Hyun, J, Park, Y., Lavi, H., Barrera, M., Wang, W., Rosas, J., Hauser, C., & Obler, L (2009). Color Cue Effect in Learning German Vocabulary. Showcasing Quirky and Unusual Ideas in Development (SQUID), New York, NY.

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