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Research Participants

We conduct a variety of scientific experiments about speech production, speech perception, language processing, and hearing processing for both children and adults. 
Please read the research study descriptions below and if you are interested in being a participant or having your child be a participant please fill out the corresponding contact form(s).

Thank you!


Develomental Neural Linguistics Lab - OME speech Production Study (children 7yrs old - 10 yrs old) - Description
Contact Form

Child Language Lab - Eye Tracking Language Study 1 (children 6yrs old - 12yrs old) - Description
Contact Form 

Cognition and Language Lab - Children's Memory and Language Study (children 8yrs old - 11yrs old) - Description
Contact Form

Neurolinguistic Laboratory - Second Language Learning Study (adults 45yrs old - 99yrs old) - Description
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