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Doctoral Theatre Students' Association (DTSA)

The Doctoral Theatre Students Association (DTSA) is comprised of all the students enrolled in the Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance at the Graduate Center. The DTSA fosters a sense of community and organizes events that are of benefit to the entire student population. Eleven DTSA officers are elected each spring and operate under the Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council (DGSC) as per the DTSA Constitution. DTSA board members serve serve as student representatives for the Executive, Admissions & Awards, and Curriculum & Membership Committees, as well as to The Graduate Council and DGSC. There are many DTSA activities that students can become involved with throughout the academic year.

The Edwin Booth Award: Since 1983 the DTSA's major activity has been sponsoring the Edwin Booth Award, an honor bestowed each year to an individual or organization who has made a substantial contribution to American theatre and performance via their activities in New York. Recent honorees include Taylor Mac, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, María Irene Fornés, and Elevator Repair Service.

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