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Professional Development


Externships for credit with professional theater institutions are encouraged, and students desiring such advanced training have been placed under appropriate direction to function as literary advisers or dramaturgs, administrators, archivists, and curators and to study and explore various other production procedures.

Professionalization Event Series

The Professionalization Committee provides a series of in-house events with the aim of preparing students to become professionals in the field of theater and performance studies. Areas covered include events related to demystifying the profession, which cover conferences, publishing, and the academic job search. Learn more »

Mentoring and Advising

All entering students are assigned a faculty adviser to help them with course selection and other program requirements and to act as mentor during the course of their academic career at the Graduate Center. Advisers provide academic, professional and career guidance and are focused on preparing students for impactful and fulfilling careers in the field of Theatre and Performance Studies.

See the Program Handbook for more on faculty mentoring »

Organizations and Interest Groups

Doctoral Theatre Students' Association

The Doctoral Theatre Students' Association (DTSA) is comprised of all the students enrolled in the Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance at The Graduate Center. The DTSA fosters a sense of community and organizes events that are of benefit to the entire student population. Eleven DTSA officers are elected each spring and operate under the Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council (DGSC) as per the DTSA Constitution. DTSA board members serve as student representatives for the Executive, Admissions & Awards, and Curriculum & Membership Committees, as well as to The Graduate Council and DGSC. 

Visit the DTSA website »

The DTSA holds an annual conference along with carious student-led events throughout the year, and sponsors the Edwin Booth Award.

About the Edwin Booth Award