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Research & Training

New York City, with its professional theatre specialists, institutions, and productions; its library and museum facilities; and its archives and private collections, is an unusually rich resource. Students have easy access to such special research facilities as the theatre, film, music, and dance collections of Lincoln Center, to the facilities of the Players Club, the International Theatre Institute Archives, the numerous art galleries and museums, to the central research facilities of The New York Public Library, and to the many other cultural activities that New York City has to offer.
In addition to these general resources, the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center (formerly the Center for Advanced Study in Theatre Arts), maintains a close association with the Theatre Program, sponsoring symposia and conferences and publishing three journals: the Journal of American Drama and Theatre, European Stages, and Arab Stages. Faculty members serve as editors for these journals and students in the Ph.D. Program work as managing editors and editorial assistants, gaining important experience and connections in theatre studies publications. Located at The Graduate Center, The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center embraces disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects in theatre, dance, and film and serves as the research and communications center of the Ph.D. Program in Theatre.
Externships for credit with professional theatre institutions are encouraged, and students desiring such advanced training have been placed under appropriate direction to function as literary advisers or dramaturgs, administrators, archivists, and curators and to study and explore various other production procedures.