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Profession-Related Events


Profession-Related Events


Fall 2015
Schedule of Profession-Related Events
Ph.D. Program in Theatre

DATE                    EVENT

17 September     Demystifying the Handbook 1:  Program Milestones
Even though the road to your Ph.D. in Theatre from coursework to dissertation defense can seem daunting, the program has set certain milestones. These can help students focus on short-term goals toward achieving their degree. This year’s first professionalization event will discuss the different program milestones and chart the overall trajectory of the program. Whether you are in the beginning, middle, or end of the program, this event aims to help you successfully navigate your path from Level I to graduation. Hosted by Professors David Savran and Peter Eckersall.

1 October     Presentation by recent recipients of program Travel Grants
Students receiving program grants for research and travel will share their experiences both within and outside the archives. Additional topics will include ideas for funding as related to one’s scholarship as well as advice on applying for grants. Hosted by the student professionalization representative, Margit Edwards.
8 October     Demystifying the Handbook 2:  First and Second Exams 
This session will include a formal breakdown of the written and oral sections of the first and second exams, insight from professors about what is expected of a student taking the exam, and recommendations from students about how to prepare. The first hour of the event will be devoted to the first exam, and the second hour will be devoted to the second exam. Hosted by Professors Jean Graham-Jones and Marvin Carlson.
22 October     Meet the Segal Center Visiting Scholars
Professor Frank Hentschker, Executive Director of the Martin E. Segal Center, will host a meet-and-greet with the visiting scholars at the Segal Center. Students are invited to meet this diverse group of scholars from around the world and to share their interests with our distinguished guests. Please note that this event will be held at noon.

29 October     Surviving Graduate School
This session, including a discussion with a representative from the Wellness Center, will be concerned with strategies for dealing with the social and psychological stresses of graduate study, including exam tensions, time management and organizational hurdles, the setting of priorities, and the challenges of thesis preparation and writing. Advanced students and/or recent alumni may be invited to share their experiences and strategies. Hosted by Margit Edwards.
13 November     Mock Interview Marathon
This one-day marathon of twenty-minute mock interviews is intended to prepare level-three students as they enter the job market. Specific information will be provided in the early fall. Please note: the marathon takes place on Friday, 13 November.  Anyone may attend open interviews and the post-marathon debriefing session. Jean, David, and Peter will conduct the mock interviews.

19 November     Applied Pedagogy:  Technology Workshop
This panel presentation and discussion will focus on the use of technology in the classroom and various resources used by professors, adjuncts, and graduate teaching fellows in speech, theatre appreciation, acting, and directing classes. Hosted by Margit Edwards..

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all events will take place 4:15pm-6:15 p.m., in the Green Room of the Ph.D. Program in Theatre (Room 3111).