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Profession-Related Events


Spring 2016
Schedule of Profession-Related Events
Ph.D. Program in Theatre

DATE                    EVENT

4 February - Mock First Exam Oral
This mock oral experience is intended to offer a first-hand view of what to expect for level-one students as they prepare for the first exam. There will be an abbreviated mock oral with debriefing and discussion following. Profs. Jean Graham-Jones and David Savran will conduct the oral and moderate the discussion..

18 February - Demystifying the Profession 1: Conferences
Eager to participate in conferences but unsure how they work? Curious to know more about the major theatre conferences or about other conferences? This session will include both a "how to" guide to conferences as well as three short paper presentations by students in the Program. Margit Edwards hosts, with Prof. Marvin Carlson.
3 March - Workshop 2: Publish and Flourish 
This workshop will address the nuts and bolts of academic publishing, including placing a performance or book review in a renowned journal and revising a seminar paper into a peer reviewed article. A panel of published students and faculty as well as journal editors will discuss their experiences and offer advice. Prof. Jim Wilson will moderate.
24 March - Workshop 3: The Job Market: Preparing your Application Materials
This workshop will address the specifics of preparing key materials for a successful academic job application, including the Cover Letter, the CV, and the Teaching Philosophy. Prof. Jim Wilson will moderate.

14 April - Grant Writing and Fellowship Applications
This workshop will focus on securing grants and fellowships. The panel discussion will include testimonials by successful grant and fellowship recipients who will also share their experiences with finding funding opportunities and negotiating the application process. Prof. Peter Eckersall will moderate and provide practical guidance for securing grants and fellowships.
5 May - Preparing for Teaching: The Teaching Center
Concerned about beginning your first teaching position? Or perhaps you need to refresh or update some of your teaching strategies?  In this session you will be introduced to the new Teaching Center and its resources. Discussion will focus on the needs of the classroom including how to write curriculum and how to meet your class on the first day. A panel of students will share their teaching experiences in the CUNY system and beyond. 

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all events will take place 4:15pm-6:15 p.m. in the Green Room of the Ph.D. Program in Theatre (Room 3111).