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Faculty Book: Marvin Carlson

Marvin Carlson

Theatre is More Beautiful than War: German Stage Directing in the Late Twentieth Century
(University of Iowa Press, 2009)

bookcoverDuring the late twentieth century, no country in the world produced as many major theatre directors nor esteemed them as highly as did Germany. Offering the most extensive and informative survey of contemporary German theatre available in English, Theatre Is More Beautiful than War covers three generations of ten of the country’s leading stage directors, including Andrea Breth, Frank Castorf, Christoph Marthaler, Thomas Ostermeier, Claus Peymann, Stefan Pucher, Peter Stein, Michael Thalheimer, Anna Viebrock, and Peter Zadek, each of whom helped shape the twentieth-century German stage. Noted theatre historian Marvin Carlson draws on his years of regular visits to the Theatertreffen in Berlin and his observations of a variety of German theatrical productions to offer a provocative, well-illustrated study of the most productive and innovative theatre tradition in Europe. Marvin Carlson holds the Sidney E. Cohn Chair in Theatre Studies and is a distinguished professor of theatre and comparative literature at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: SEP 15, 2009

Category: Faculty Books | Theatre