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GC-Based Faculty

Attewell, Paul
Educational Inequality, High School, Information Technology in Education
Battle, Juan
Race, Sexuality, Research Methods
Brier, Stephen
U.S. Social and Education History; Digital Technology
Daiute, Colette
Education in Adversity; Language, Narrative, and Digital Media; Mixed Research Methods
Fine, Michelle
Education and Social Justice
GarcĂ­a, Ofelia
Language, Literacy, Culture and Bilingualism in Education
Luttrell, Wendy
gender, race and class politics in schooling; critical childhood studies; visual sociology
Michelli, Nicholas
Educational Policy Studies and Analysis, Teacher Education, Teacher Education Policy
Ruck, Martin Dale
Cognitive Socialization, Intergroup Exclusion, Youth Civic Engagement, Human Rights
Shedd, Carla
Criminal Justice, Urban Policy, Race Law
Stetsenko, Anna
Learning and Human Development, Cultural Psychology
Tobin, Kenneth
Science, Urban Education
Wrigley, Julia
Sociology of Education

Consortial Faculty

Steinberg, Richard
Science/ Physics Education, Middle & Secondary Education
Stylianou, Despina
Math Education, Cognitive Science within Math Education
Su, Celina
Participatory Governance, Civil Society, Civic Engagement, Health Policy
Sullivan, Susan
Supervision and Instruction/Educational Leadership
Summerfield, Judith
Composition and Rhetoric, Narrative Studies, Higher Education
Tao, Liqing
Literacy, Educational Technology, Chinese theories & practices in Reading Ed.
Tournaki, Elani
Special Education and Mathematics
Trief, Ellen
Special Education
Valle, Jan
Learning Disabilities, Special Education/Transition Issues, Curriculum &Teaching
Viteritti, Joseph
Education Policy, City Politics and Governance
Zolkower, Betina
Sociology of Mathematics Education, Childhood Mathematics
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