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Faculty Governance

Faculty Membership Guidelines


A). CUNY campus faculty who wish to join the Ph.D. Program in Urban Education must submit the following materials for consideration by the Membership Committee. It is highly recommended that you wait to receive tenure before applying: 

  1. A letter of intent that explicitly communicates how your research connects with the Urban Education program, how you envision yourself working with students, and any other contributions you hope to make to the program;
  2. A letter from your Department Chair and/or Dean that acknowledges and endorses your wish to serve in the program; if you do not have tenure a letter from the Chair and Dean are required.
  3. A letter of support from a colleague who is familiar with your research;
  4. An updated CV and two examples of published work.

You may be asked to give a presentation to the Urban Education Colloquium Series or in a class before the Committee formally nominates you to the Executive Committee.  Final decisions about appointment are made by the Executive Committee.
Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee once a semester.  Please contact the APO about your intention to apply so you can be apprised of the deadline.  

B). The Membership Committee evaluates requests based on for the following criteria:

  1. Previous engagement in the program, through any of one of the following:  teaching a course; student advising; serving on a student’s second exam or thesis committee; elected to serve on governance committees (i.e. Executive Committee, Curriculum Committee, Membership Committee, Admissions Committee);
  2. Relevance of research interests and agenda to the Program;
  3. Strength of research and publication record;
  4. Evidence of ongoing scholarship and professional activities.  

**Please note that Campus and Secondary Faculty are reviewed every five years; if you have not been active in the program during those five years you will be asked to reapply should you wish to continue your affiliation.  

Fall 2020 - Spring 2023


Executive Committee:

Ariana Mangual Figueroa
Carla Shedd
Anna Stetsenko
Michelle Fine
Barry Cherkas
David Gerwin
David Bloomfield
Gillian Bayne
Kenneth Gold
Jan Valle
Judith Kafka

Admissions Committee:

Melissa Schieble    
Anna Stesenko    
Gillian Bayne    
Gene Fellner    

Curriculum and Examinations Commottee:

Maddy Fox    
Melissa Schieble    
Gillian Bane    

Membership Committee:

Regina Bernard    
Barry Cherkas    
Jaqueline Darvin