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Urban Education students

The Urban Education faculty and staff are here to support our students to ensure their success throughout their career at The Graduate Center, as well as after they complete their degree. 

Find links below to useful student resources, information about our student-run website, a link to sample student trajectories and expectations, and information about the student government.


Helpful Links


Graduate Center Resources

The Graduate Center has a wealth of information and services to support your professional development. The following offices and centers are great places to explore.

Career Planning and Professional Development
Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)
Futures Initiative
Provost’s Office


Urban Education Student Website

The Urban Education website on the Academic Commons is student-run, serving the program's community (students, faculty, and staff). The website provides a space for collaboration, additional resources, and news. The following may be of particular interest:


Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education

Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education (TRAUE) is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal published by doctoral students and recent graduates of The Graduate Center. This journal is one of very few that features original work by emerging scholars. TRAUE also serves as a forum in which youth, public school students, educators, community groups, and parents debate issues of educational practice and policy. 

Student Trajectories

Visit our Path(s) to Degree page to find the timeline for students' trajectory in coursework and professional development. 

Student Government

Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council (DGSC)
Urban Education Student Association (UESA)


Student Governance

Find the student representatives for Fall 2020-Spring 2021 below. 

Executive Committee
Admissions Committee
Curriculum and Examinations Committee
Membership Committee
Elections Committee
Doctoral and Graduate Students' Council (DGSC) for Urban Education