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Beholding and Controlling the Quantum Nature of Excitons

APR 20, 2018 | 9:30 AM TO 5:00 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


4102: Science Center


April 20, 2018: 9:30 AM-5:00 PM




Initiative for the Theoretical Sciences



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Beholding and Controlling the Quantum Nature of Excitons: Recent Advances in the Spectroscopy and Theoretical Modeling

Exciton represents a pair of electron and hole that can exist across confines of atoms/molecules while being bound to each other, and is a virtual particle that requires fundamentally quantum mechanical description. Accurate characterization and control of the quantum nature of excitons have significant implications in many frontier fields of science and technology, including solar light harvesting, optical sensing, and imaging. This workshop brings together both experimentalists and theoreticians together to discuss recent advances in research on excitons and challenging issues to be addressed in the future.

Workshop Speakers:

Christopher Bardeen (UC Riverside): “Exciton fission and fusion: From coherences to kinetics”

Jessica Anna (University of Pennsylvania): “Energy transfer and equilibration among excitonically coupled   chlorophylls of photosystem 1”

Vinod Menon (City College of New York): "Excitons in flatland" 

Ari Chakraborty (Syracuse University): “Electronic excitation in semiconductor nanoparticles: A quasiparticle perspective”

Eric Bittner (University of Houston): "Probing excitonic dynamics with quantum light"

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