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Longer Conferences and Seminars

Longer conferences

2011 June 7–10   Supersolidity  2011
2012 April 2–4 Optomechanics on the Hudson
2013 March 25–28 Frontiers of quantum condensed matter physics: Light, matter, and unusual devices out of equilibrium
2014 April 14–17 Emergent phenomena in the dynamics of quantum matter: Disorder, quenches, simulations, and experiments
2015 April 6–9 Aspects of non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum computation: Adiabiticity, noise, and many–body localization


2010 Glassy phase transitions in hard computer science problems

Marc Mézard, Université de Paris Sud and École polytechnique

Did life come from outer space?

David Spergel, Princeton University

Quantum measurements, noise, and amplification

Steven Girvin, Yale University

The dark side of the universe

Katherine Freese, University of Michigan

Electronic liquid crystals

Steven Kivelson, Stanford University

Travels in molecular space

David Beratan, Duke University

Designing microstructures to influence photonic fluctuations

Stephen G. Johnson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Quantum tunneling of the magnetic  moment

Eugene Chudnovsky, Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Applied plasmonics for optical communications, energy harvesting and sensing applications

Domenico Pacifici, Brown University

A “hidden” key to the cuprates and the Hubbard model

Philip Anderson, Princeton University

Spin and charge transport in carbon nanotube quantum dots

Nina Markovic, Johns Hopkins University

Luminescent solar concentrators

Marc Baldo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Light force operated nanomechanical systems

Hong Tang, Yale University

Bose–Einstein condensation and superfluidity of quasiparticles in graphene

Oleg L. Berman, NYC College of Technology and The Graduate Center, CUNY

The Kondo exciton: A quantum quench towards strong spin–reservoir correlations

Harkan Tu¨ reci, Princeton University

Irreversible Monte Carlo algorithms for efficient sampling

Marija Vucelja, New York University

Puzzles in Eulerian and Lagrangian turbulence

Rainer Grauer, University of Bochum

2011 Exploratory Correlated Oxide Electron Devices

Shriram Ramanathan, Harvard University

Black–Scholes formula for Asian options

Jan Vecer, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Enhanced pairing in the plaquette Hubbard model

Dror Orgad, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Geometric response and universality of slow quantum dynamics in real and imaginary times

Anatoli Polkovnikov, Boston University

Optical Hyperspace: Light in (meta) materials with hyperbolic dispersion

Evgenii Narimanov, Purdue University

Universal dynamical decoupling of multi–qubit states from the environment

Adilet Imambekov, Rice University

Plasmonic crystals for controlling optical properties

Achanta Venu Gopal, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research

Metamaterials, nanoplasmonics, and nanofluidics for ultrasensitive spectroscopy and bio–detection

Hatice Altug, Boston University

Deflagration and fronts of tunneling in molecular magnets

Dmitry Garanin, Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Elementary particles of duperconductivity

Assa Auerbach, Technion

Fluctuation–induced switching and power spectra of modulated quantum oscillators Fragility, scaling, and control of the rates of rare events

Mark Dykman, Michigan State University

Dynamics in spin ice

Roderich Moessner, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems

Emerging and broken symmetries of the turbulent state

Gregory Falkovich, Weizmann Institute

Quenched dynamics in interacting one dimensional systems

Aditi Mitra, New York University

Quantum walks

Mark Hillery, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Optical antennas for enhanced light–matter interactions

Lukas Novotny, University of Rochester

Theory and possible applications of a classical orbital optomechanical effect

Lev Deych, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Strange eigenmodes: Persistent patterns in advection–diffusion dynamics

Andrew Poje, College of Staten Island and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Shock waves in cold Fermi atoms

Alexander Abanov, Stony Brook University

Eigenvalue problem of the 1–Laplace operator

Friedemann Schuricht, Dresden University of Technology

Biological photonics: Quantum coherence in light harvesting by marine algae

Gregory D. Scholes, University of  Toronto

Quadrature Domains and related topics

Henrik Shahgholian, The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Optimal regularity and nondegeneracy for minimizers of an energy from the fractional Laplacian

Ray Yang, Courant Institute NYU

On a fractional Nirenberg problem: existence and compactness of solutions

Tianling Jin, Rutgers University

The Spectral Theory and Number Theory of a Twisted Bi-Laplacian  MW  Wong,  York  University
2012 Exploring topological states with cold atoms and photons

Eugene Demler, Harvard University

Kibble–Zurek scaling and string–net coarsening in topologically ordered systems

Shivaji Sondhi, Princeton University

NMR many-spin dynamics in solids

Chandrasekhar  Ramanathan, Dartmouth

Chaotic diffusion in nonlinear Hamiltonian lattices

Mario Mulansky, Potsdam

Quantum information transport in mixed–state spin  chains

Paola Cappellaro, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The weird but wonderful world of Kohn–Sham electrons

Neepa Maitra, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Quantum parametric delocalization of energy in anharmonic (FPU) oscillator chains

Vadim Oganesyan, College Of Staten Island and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Metamaterial  surfaces

Anthony Grbic, University of Michigan

Nonlinear photonic nanostructures

Fabio Biancalana, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen

Taming optical tornadoes on a chip: Hydrodynamics–inspired plasmonic nanocircuit design

Svetlana Boriskina, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Atoms and molecules
The nanoscale and microscale

Peter Barker, University College London

Time evolution in some low–dimensional models

Natan Andrei, Rutgers University

Magnetic field dependence of chemical reactions at high temperatures

Boris Spivak, University of Washington

Superfluidity of quantum strings in condensed  matter

Anatoly Kuklov, College Of Staten Island and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Pohozaev identity for semilinear elliptic PDEs

Florin Catrina, St John’s University

Spectral problems for discrete quasi–periodic Schro¨dinger operators
Silvius Klein, Medgar Evers College, CUNY Minimal immersions in spheres

Luis Fernandez, Bronx Community College, CUNY)

Temporal boundary value problems in interfacial fluid dynamics

Timur Milgrom, Drexel University

On the uniqueness of weakly harmonic maps and a global estimate for the energy density

Long–Zhi Lin, Rutgers University

Nonsmooth analysis in PDE problems

Friedemann Schuricht, Dresden University of Technology

Sobolev via Shannon

Deane Yang, New York University Polytechnic

The Moser-Trudinger equation on a disk: Sharp blow–up behavior and non–existence

Luca Martinazzi, Rutgers University

Two non-linear wave equations with conformal invariance

Po Lam Yung, Rutgers University

Statistical mechanics of point vortices: The Onsager legacy

Michael Kiessling, Rutgers University

2013  From unitary dynamics to statistical mechanics in isolated quantum systems

Maros Rigol, Pennsylvania State University

Quench dynamics of a strongly interacting resonant Bose gas

Leo Radzihovsky, University of Colorado at Boulder

Short pulse perturbation theory

Edward Farnum, Kean University

Nanoelectromechanics with spin: Effects of resonance scattering and strong electron correlations

Mikhail Kiselev, Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics

Observations of ocean turbulence at the submesoscales: Classic similarity theory in GLAD surface drifter data

Andrew Poje, College of Staten Island and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Parity–Time (PT) symmetric systems: An analysis of dimer and trimer models

Rudy Horne, Morehouse College

Many–body localization with dipoles

Chris Laumann, Harvard University

Long time behavior of forced critical SQG

Vlad Vicol, Princeton University

Topological phases of matter

B. Andrei Bernevig, Princeton  University

Disordered topological insulators: Exact characterizations using non–commutative geometry

Emil Prodan, Yeshiva University

Evolution of surface electronic structure of Bi2Se3 with adsorption

Kyungwha Park, Virginia Polytechnic University

Quantum sparse-graph codes for future quantum computers

Leonid Pryadko, University of California at Riverside

Two level systems, inversion symmetry, and the low temperature properties in disordered solids

Moshe Schecter, Ben Gurion University

Two channel Kondo model made of three Ising chains

Alexei Tsvelik, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Uniqueness of Nonnegative Radial Solutions for Semipositone Problems on Exterior Domains

Ratnasingham Shivaji, University of North Carolina

Simplicity for Rayleigh quotient

R. Prashanth, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Bangalore

Spectral properties and intrinsic metrics on infinite graphs

Radoslaw Wojciechowski, York College, CUNY

A semilinear singular Sturm-Liouville equation involving measure data

Hui Wang, Rutgers University

Smoothness of isometries between sub–Riemannian manifolds

Luca Capogna, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Sharp Sobolev inequalities in global analysis

Meijun Zhu, University of Oklahoma

Reversed Hardy–Littlewood–Sobolev inequality

Meijun Zhu, University of Oklahoma

The asymptotic Dirichlet problems on manifolds with negative curvature

Ran Ji, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Asymptotic behavior of the principal eigenvalue for cooperative elliptic operators and applications

Yuan Lou, The Ohio State University

Regularity issues for calibrated currents

Costante Bellettini, Princeton University and Institute for Advanced Study

Symmetry in variational principles and applications

Marco Squassina, University of Verona

Traveling wave solutions to reaction diffusion equations with fractional Laplacians

Changfeng Gui, University of Connecticut

2014  Investigation of magnetized ferrofluids

David Trubatch, Montclair University

Reference asset invariant price process

Jan Vecer, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Averaging and spectral properties of the 2D advection–diffusion equation in the semi–classical limit for vanishing diffusivity

Jesenko Vukadinovic, College of Staten Island and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Linkages, soft modes, and topology

Vincenzo Vitelli, Leiden University

Multi-dimensional polynomial interpolation on arbitrary nodes

Dongbin Xiu, University of Utah

Non-smooth variational problems

Friedemann Schuricht, Technical University of Dresden

Maps on stratified Lie groups

Alessandro Ottazzi, CIRM, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Italy

Multiple solutions to some differential systems with strongly indefinite variational structure

Cyril Joel Batkam, University of Sherbrooke (Canada)

Positive definite kernels, opportunities and challenges

Michael McCourt, University of Colorado, Denver

Critical growth elliptic problem with singular discontinuous nonlinearity in R2

Dhanya Rajendran, Tata Institute, Bangalore (India)

Periodic orbits of Reeb vector fields in dimension three

Abbas Bahri, Rutgers University

Control aspects of Navier–Stokes equations

Mythily Ramaswamy, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Bangalore

2015 Time–irreversibility for a single particle in turbulent flow

Tobias Grafke, New York University

The physics of jamming: A journey from marble pebbles toward conformal field theory

Giorgio Parisi, Sapienza Universita´ di Roma

Spin dynamics with solid state NMR and GPU calculations: Loschmidt echoes, intrinsic decoherence and quantum dynamical phase transitions

Horacio M. Pastawski, Universidad Nacional de Co´ rdoba

Bottlenecks of quantum annealing

Sergey Knysh, NASA Ames Laboratory

Vortex equations governing the Fractional Quantum Hall effect

Luciano Medina, New York University Polytechnic

A singular minimizer in the Calculus of Variations in low dimensions

Ovidiu Savin, Columbia University

Chemotaxis, velocity jump process, and the Keller–Segel equations

Chuan Xue, Ohio State University

Existence results for classes of steady state reaction–diffusion equations

Ratnasingham Shivaji, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Kyril Tintarev, Uppsala University, Sweden

Uniqueness theorem for convex surfaces

Xiangwen Zhang, Columbia University