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Programs for the Public

Did Homer describe an eclipse in The Odyessy? 8 Febraury 2010 Marcelo Magnasco, Rockefeller  University

Physics, finance, and some surprisingly useful mathematics 1 March 2010 Marc  Potters,  Capital  Fund Management

The great ideas of biology 12 April 2010
Paul Nurse, Rockefeller University (currently President of the Royal Society)

Once upon a time in Kamchatka: The search for natural quasicrystals 29 November 2010 Paul  Steinhardt,  Princeton University

Visions of vision: Artists, mathematicians, and the brain 24 January 2011 Steven Zucker,  Yale University

Superfluidity and supersolidity  8 June 2011
Se´bastian Balibar, E´  cole Normale Superie´ure

Exploring the quantum  2 November 2011
Michel Devoret, Steven Girvin, and Robert Schoelkopf, Yale   University

Superconductivity and other insoluble problems 14 November 2011 Leon  Cooper,  Brown University

Taking the universe’s baby picture  21 February 2012
Lyman Page and David Spergel, Princeton University

The science of sweets: From mousse and marshmallows to soft matter physics 29 March 2012 Amy Rowat, Harvard University (now at University of California at Los   Angeles) William Yosses, White House Pastry Chef (currently writing in New York)

The brain and smell  3 April 2012
Laurence Abbott and Richard Axel, Columbia University

On dynamics, chaos, and life  23 October 2012
Mitchell Feigenbaum and Albert Libchaber, Rockefeller University

The Higgs Boson: Theory and experiment, search and discovery 19 November 2012 Kyle Cranmer and Neal Weiner,  New York University

Reading medieval science: Revealing meaning across disciplines 19 February 2013 Giles Gapser, Tom McLeish, and Hannah Smithson, Durham University

Curiosity, understanding, and utility: Science and the creative economy 6 May 2014 Jennifer Tour Chayes, Microsoft  Research
Fernando Pereira, Google
Chris Wiggins, Columbia University and The New York Times

From blackboard to bedside: The math behind life–saving HIV treatments 17 November 2015 Alan Perelson, Los Alamos National   Laboratory