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Selected ITS Publications

  1. Statistical mechanics of the US Supreme Court. ED Lee, CD Broedersz, and W Bialek, J Stat Phys 160, 275–301 (2015).
  2. Silent flocks: Constraints on signal propagation across biological groups. A Cavagna, I Giardina, TS Grigera, A Jelic, D Levine, S Ramaswamy, and M Viale, Phys Rev Lett 114, 218101 (2015).
  3. Emergence of collective changes in travel direction of starling flocks from individual birds’ fluctuations. A Attanasi, A Cavagna, L Del Castello, I Giardina, A Jelic, S Melillo, L Parisi, O Pohl, E Shen, and M Viale, J R Soc Interface online ahead of print, doi: 10.1098/rsif.2015.0319 (2015).
  4. Localized systems coupled to small baths: From Anderson to Zeno. DA Huse, R Nandkishore,F Pietracaprina, V Ros, and A Scardicchio, Phys Rev B 92, 014203 (2015).
  5. Quantum annealing: the fastest route to quantum computation? CR Laumann, R Moessner, A Scardicchio, and SL Sondhi, Eur Phys J Special Topics 224, 75–88 (2015).
  6. Entropic forces in a non-equilibrium system: Flocks of birds. M Castellana, W Bialek, A Cavagna, and I Giardina, arXiv:1412.8654 (2014)
  7. Emergent surface superconductivity of nanosized Dirac puddles in a topological insulator. L Zhao, H Deng, I Korzhovska, J Secor, M Begliarbekov, Z Chen, E Andrade, E Rosenthal, A Pasupathy, V Oganesyan, and L Krusin–Elbaum, arXiv:1408.1046 (2014).
  8. Phenomenology of fully many body localized systems. DA Huse, R Nandkishore, and V Oganesyan, Phys Rev B 90, 174202 (2014).
  9. Holographic p–wave superconductor with disorder. D Arean, A Farahi, LA Pando Zayas, IS Landea, and A Scardicchio, (2014).
  10. Information transfer and behavioral inertia in starling flocks. A Attanasi, A Cavagna, L Del Castello, I Giardina, TS Grigera, A Jelić, S Melillo, L Parisi, O Pohl, E Shen, and M Viale, Nature Phys 10, 691–696 (2014).
  11. How a well-adapted immune system is organized. A Mayer, V Balasubramanian, T Mora, and AM Walczak, arXiv:1407.6888 (2014).
  12. Short–range interaction vs long–range correlation in bird flocks. A Cavagna, L Del Castillo, S Dey, I Giardina, S Melillo, L Parisi, and M Viale, Phys Rev E 92, 012705 (2015); arXiv:1407.6887 (2014).
  13. Collective behavior without collective order in wild swarms of midges. A Attanasi, A Cavagna, L Del Castello, I Giardina, S Melillo, L Parisi, O Pohl, B Rossaro, E Shen, E Silvestri, and M Viale, PLoS Comput Biol 10, e1003697 (2014).
  14. Singular robust room-temperature spin response from topological Dirac fermions. L Zhao, H Deng, I Korshovska, Z Chen, M Konczykowski, A Hruban, V Oganesyan, and L Krusin-Elbaum, Nature materials 13, 580–585 (2014); arXiv:1407.6691.
  15. Specific heat anomaly in a supercooled liquid with amorphous boundary conditions. DA Martin, A Cavagna, and TS Grigera, Phys Rev Lett 114, 225901 (2015); arXiv:1407.6322 (2014).
  16. Finite–size scaling as a way to probe near–criticality in natural swarms. A Attanasi, A Cavagna, L Del Castello, I Giardina, S Melillo, L Parisi, O Pohl, B Rossaro, E Shen, E Silvestri, and M Viale, Phys Rev Lett 113, 238102 (2014).
  17. Anderson localization on the Bethe lattice: Non–ergodicity of extended states. A De Luca, BL Altshuler, VE Kravtsov, and A Scardicchio, Phys Rev Lett 113, 046806 (2014).
  18. Thermodynamics for a network of neurons: Signatures of criticality. G Tkaˇcik, T Mora, O Marre, D Amodei, MJ Berry II, andWBialek, [q–bio.NC] (2014).
  19. Existence of a thermodynamic spin-glass phase in the zero–concentration limit of anisotropic dipolar systems. JC Andresen, HG Katzgraber, V Oganseyan, and M Schechter, Phys Rev X 4, 041016 (2014); arXiv:1407.4782.
  20. Hyperuniformity of critical absorbing states. D Hexner and D Levine, Phys Rev Lett 114, 110602 (2015); arXiv:1407.0146 (2014).
  21. Entwinement and the emergence of spacetime. V Balasubramanian, BD Chodhury, B Czech,and J de Boer, arXiv:1406.5859 (2014).
  22. Multiboundary wormholes and holographic entanglement. V Balasubramanian, P Hayden, A Maloney, D Marolf, and SF Ross, arXiv:1406.2663 (2014).
  23. Integrals of motion in the many–body localized phase. V Ros, M Mueller, and A Scardicchio, arXiv:1406.2175 (2014).
  24. Social interactions dominate speed control in poising natural flocks near criticality. W Bialek, A Cavagna, I Giardina, T Mora, O Pohl, E Silvestri, M Viale, and A Walczak. Proc Natl Acad Sci (USA) 111, 7212–7217 (2014).
  25. Quantum damping of Fermi–Pasta–Ulam revivals in ultracold Bose gases. I Danshita, R Hipolito, V Oganesyan, and A Polkonikov, Prog Theor Exp Phys 2014, 043103 (2014).
  26. A hole–ographic spacetime. V Balasubramanian, BD Chowdhury, B Czech, J de Boer, and MP Heller, Phys Rev D 89, 086004 (2014).
  27. Black holes, entanglement and random matrices. V Balasubramanian, M Berkooz, SF Ross, and J Simon, arXiv:1404.6198 (2014).
  28. Many–body mobility edge in a mean–field quantum spin glass. CR Laumann, A Pal, and A Scardicchio, arXiv:1404.2276 (2014).
  29. Variance is salience: efficient coding in central sensory processing. AM Hermundstad, JJ Briguglio, MM Conte, JD Victor, V Balasubramanian, and G Tkačik, submitted (2014).
  30. Dynamical maximum entropy approach to flocking. A Cavagna, I Giardina, F Ginelli, T Mora, D Piovani, R Tavarone, and AMWalczak, Phys Rev E 89, 042707 (2014).
  31. Flocking and turning: a new model for self-organized collective motion A Cavagna, L Del Castello, I Giardina, T Grigera, A Jelić, S Melillo, T Mora, L Parisi, E Silvestri, M Viale, and AM Walczak, arXiv:1403.1202 (2014).
  32. Self organization and self avoiding limit cycles. D Hexner and D Levine, Eur Phys Lett 109, 30004 (2015); arXiv:1401.0897 (2014).
  33. Transformation of stimulus correlations by the retina. KD Simmons, JS Prentice, G Tkačik, J Homann, HK Yee, SE Palmer, PC Nelson, and V Balasubramanian, PLoS Comput Biol 9, e1003344 (2014).
  34. The inverse spin glass and related maximum entropy problems. M Castellana and W Bialek, [cond–mat.dis–nn] (2013).
  35. The Hilbert-glass transition: new universality of temperature-tuned many-body dynamical quantum criticality. D Pekker, G Refael, E Altman, E Demler, and V Oganesyan, Phys Rev X 4, 011052 (2014); arXiv:1307.3253 (2013).