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The CUNY Sociodemographic Map of New York City

In line with our core mission to advance greater equity and innovation in higher education, the Futures Initiative has undertaken a long-term research project of creating the “CUNY Map of NYC,” a series of student-researched and designed maps that demonstrate key aspects of the City University of New York (CUNY) as a consortium of diverse higher education institutions and, in particular, that document CUNY’s relationship to and impact upon New York City.  The first of these maps is “The CUNY Sociodemographics Map of NYC,” a sociodemographic analysis of the communities closest to CUNY’s campuses.  The twofold purpose is, first, to see the characteristics of people who are in walkable distance (defined as one mile from campus) and, second, to compare community characteristics with college population characteristics, as based on enrollment data from the CUNY Office for Institutional Research and Assessment.

This project is split into multiple parts looking at different sociodemographic characteristics of neighborhoods across New York City in relation to the impact CUNY has on those communities. Part I: Race and Ethnicity has already been published. This section of the project looks at how racial and ethnic composition of the communities living in close proximity to CUNY campuses compares with CUNY student enrollment numbers from the CUNY Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. Follow up parts of this research project will deal with economics, poverty, and educational attainment in communities near CUNY campuses and will discuss some of the impacts of living near CUNY campuses on community life.

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The CUNY Sociodemographic Map of New York City

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