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Neuroscience Collaborative Advisory Committees

The CUNY Neuroscience Collaborative is jointly administered by faculty and students from both the Neuroscience subprogram of Biology and the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Training Area of Psychology.  Members of the steering committee overseeing the integration of these two areas into the unified Neuroscience Collaborative are:

BCN (Psychology) Executive Committee:

Professor H. Philip Zeigler - Committee Chairperson
Hunter College

Professor Tony Ro
The Graduate Center

Professor Glenn Schafe
Hunter College

Professor Elizabeth Chua
Brooklyn College

Professor Ratna Sircar
The City College of New York

NS (Biology) Advisory Committee

Professor Dan McCloskey - Chair
College of Staten Island— Psychology

Professor Paul Forlano
Brooklyn College—Biology

Professor Adrian Rodriguez-Contreras
City College— Biology

Professor Alejandra D. Alonso
College of Staten Island— Biology

Professor Mitchell Goldfarb
Hunter College— Biology

Professor John Martin
City College— Physiology & Pharmacology

Professor Jonathan Levitt (alternate member)
City College— Biology